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#ootd october

#ootd october

This was the first month I decided to start Instagramming Outfits of the Day (#OOTD).

I wanted to try this method of documenting outfits (snapping a pic just before I fly out the door, no special accessories or styling, and then Instagramming it when I get a chance) for two reasons.

First, I wanted to just get comfortable with publishing less than perfect photography onto my blog. Last year I noticed that my belief that every. single. photo. I put on the blog had to be 100% perfect was totally tanking my motivation to post. So I decided to just get over the fact that I shoot with an iPhone and that my house is full of photo bombing dust bunnies. Sometimes, In the mornings, I’m able to snap a pic when the light is perfect, but if it’s early I just have to work with that AM twilight. I just shove all the junk out of the way and go with it. And I’m happy enough with the results.

Second, I wanted an easy way to document how often I wear certain items of clothing. At the beginning of my elementary internship this semester, I dug out my black dress pants and tried to decide if the blazer I had worked with the pants. (Is it black or is it navy?! I still don’t know.) I’ve known for a while that any derivation of the power suit is not my style, so I decided to make my clothes work for the elementary classroom.

My personal style isn’t so much an issue. Teachers are certainly expected to look put together, but we don’t have to look corporate. I just wasn’t sure I had enough clothes. So I decided to draft a list of as many possible combinations that I could wear in the classroom and keep track of how often I chose to wear those combinations. The most frequent flyers include my mint chip skirt (above, bottom right) and anything black and white. I do believe that the photos above have captured the very beginnings of a capsule wardrobe, for weekend wear and teacher wear alike.

Yep yep! I love clothes, I love blogging, and less-than-perfect-photography will never stand in my way again. You can follow my #OOTD adventures by following my Instagram.


P.S. Have you considered adopting the capsule wardrobe philosophy?


the sew diaries: eight dresses

The year is nearly over but I’m still trying to tackle a few of my 2013 resolutions here and there. One of them was to practice altering vintage clothes. It has been so much fun collecting dresses the last few months–some are vintage, some are not, but they all have great potential! I tried to choose dresses that were just a couple of bucks or less, because I fully expect to run into snags and snafus. Oh, and yes…I named them.  Silly, I know!

I’m not really sure how this is going to go. I might work on and post about one dress at a time, or I might share sewing stories about two or three at once. Either way, it’s time to start ironing out those wrinkles and shortening hems.

I am planning on doing some basic alterations on all (hemming, changing the buttons, etc.) as well as more complicated (to me!) alterations like changing sleeves or taking in the waist. Changing the culottes (the Roberta) into a dress is going to be interesting…I’m excited! I hope to have some beautiful, updated frocks to show you!

xo, Becca

sundays are for . . .

1. Baking. http://www.endlesssimmer.com/2011/08/30/smore-than-you-can-handle/

2. Frantically calling your mom because you just can’t make RICE like she does. Rice–2:1 water to rice kind of rice.

3. Wishing you could freeze time and stay in this particular Sunday forever, and never let the fall semester begin…

4. Finding the perfect bed for the spare bedroom.

5. Sedating the kitty cat with Benadryl in order to give her a “sanitary shave” on her wittle witty wehind (little kittie behind) so she stops having an issue with…long hair…and…poop.

6. Taking a piece of Pinterest love and actually making it happen in my own home.

7. Watching as much Downton Abbey as I possibly can.

8. Finishing up a project here and a project there…

9. Reading under my favorite blanket.

10. Shamelessly perusing blog after blog after blog after blog. The three open in my browser right now:

Secondhand Sundays


Oh So Lovely Vintage

it’s the first day of school . . .

. . . and this is what I’m wearing!

This outfit was inspired by a feature called Open to Interpretation on a fabulous blog called Freckles in April. In this feature, blogger Kayla encourages some awesome creativity by posting an inspirational outfit (hello, Pinterest!) and then interprets it with pieces from her own closet. This week readers are able to participate by linking up their interpretations from pics posted by Kayla and two other bloggers. Thursday we’ll be interpreting an outfit submitted by a reader, and Friday is interpret your own!

So yeah, this outfit is my interpretation of this photo:

photo from North Meets South

It was a really interesting process, and out of the first three outfits I’ve put together, this was the hardest for me. I started out with skinny jeans and a top that screamed rockabilly. It was cute, but I felt like I was all hips in it. I kept adjusting it. And I am low maintenance when it comes to outfits, so I knew it wasn’t going to work. So keeping with the most striking element (for me, the shoes) I kept trying and trying and trying! Finally, I found a great combination with a ruffled blouse from Charlotte Russe, a vintage skirt and scarf from my granny, and sneakers from Urban Outfitters. My favorite part? The fact that both the shoes and the scarf have a floral pattern, that coordinate in color but differ in size!

Sneakers will be perfect for trekking it across campus tomorrow, since I’m officially a commuter student and have to park on the far side of Mars.

xoxo cat

wedded bliss: year one

Today is our first wedding anniversary! (Me and Wes’. Not me and Bea’s. But you knew that.)

I have been trying, albeit not very hard, to find time to put together our wedding scrapbook. To be honest, I’m not one who’s big on tears, so I’ve been avoiding it like the plague! We’ve most definitely gone through wedding photos, but I just can’t quite sift through all of the little memories from the big day. It was a very emotional one.

However, being the day that it is, I thought it would be appropriate to go through our guest book. We made a time capsule of sorts–we had guests sign their names and leave a sentiment on a piece of paper, with the knowledge that we would be opening the capsule and reading their words one year later. Well, it’s one year later, and we have done just that! Here are some of our favorites:

“Yes, Dear.”

“You guys are amazing and I love you so much! You are going to have beautiful, smart children no doubt!

“Wesley, I hope you don’t touch your nose and have your teeth come out when you get married, because that’s the way Grandpap used to do it.” (just want everyone to know that Wes does not have dentures. Yet.)

“Always remember the special moments and cherish them every day!”

“I had lost faith in true love (the forever kind) until today. You two were truly meant for each other. I look forward to watching you grow old together (and I don’t mean that in a creepy way). Remember to always find something to laugh at. I love you both dearly.”

“Yes it is a windy day but as the winds of life blows you to and fro, as long as you truly love and believe in each other and your love you will never be blown apart.”

*imnotgoingtocry, i’mnotgoingtocry, i’mnotgoingtocry*

We were so truly blessed to be surrounded by so many beautiful people on our special day. And following one’s instructions, here’s something to laugh at:

Today, we are going to spend some time together at one of our favorite little cafés. And perhaps soon, I’ll be able to muster the courage to re-read those tiny scraps of paper we read to each other on that windy day on a farm in Missouri–and start that scrapbook! (More comprehensive posts on my wedding to follow, for sure!)

xoxo, cat



made in the 80’s!

I think I might be falling in love with some trends from the 1980’s! When it comes to vintage I usually lean toward the crisp, lady like hemlines of the 1940’s and 1950’s. And I can’t get enough of mod hair styles and make up trends from the 1960’s! But during my last two thrifting shopping trips my eye has been drawn toward anything acid washed and denim, oversized sweaters, and huge earrings. While I think I’ll pass on the stirrups if I come across any, here’s what I’ve fallen in love with so far!

It all started with this denim vest. I have worn it AT LEAST once a week since I bought it. I wasn’t sure about it at first. In fact, except for the larger size, it was identical to an Esprit denim vest my mom used to dress me in when I was five. But, the vest fits great in all the right places. It will be around for a long time.

I about died when I found this skirt. I instantly fell in love with it and INSTANTLY knew it wouldn’t fit. True enough . . . my hips don’t lie! I am hoping beyond hope  it’s around next time Bea visits and that it fits her! I want to wear this with a tucked in t-shirt and Doc Martens.

When I went back to put away the denim and lace number, I came across this. It’s like absolutely nothing I have in my closet, but I’ve been on the look out for longer skirts and dresses! It’s rare that I find a longer dress or skirt that works. It’s the same with capri pants–they end up just looking like high waters!

Do you have any great 80’s inspired duds in your closet? Do share!

xoxo cat

mother’s day memories // part one

Oh how I wish I could spend this day with my mommy! I miss her ever so. Thankfully, we will be together again soon, because at the end of the month we’ll be road tripping it to Colorado to celebrate her mommy’s 90th birthday!

Today, I put together a little gift that I plan on giving her when I see her. This craft reminds me a lot of the humble trinkets my sister and I would present to our mom on this special day in years past. Growing up, it was just us Jones girls, so Bea and I rarely had someone to take us shopping for a surprise for mom. So, we got creative! One year, we made a doll out of gold pipe cleaners and bedecked her in a skirt of red fringe. Another year, we collected a handful of the prettiest rocks we could find on the playground during recess. We truly do love our mommy!

I set out to the flea markets to find a little something something that would inspire a craft. I came across the most adorable mini vase. So, I decided to whip up some homemade flowers with which to fill it!

What you need: wooden skewers or floral wire, some pretty buttons, hot glue, and a fun vase!

While my glue gun heated up, I cut my skewers to size. Kitchen scissors worked great for this!

Next, I paired up my buttons. Nestling a small button onto a larger one makes an adorable little flower!

Hot glue those babies together!

I paired the buttons with a skewer, taking the diameter of the buttons and height of the stems into consideration. Scale, scale, scale!

Hot glue a stem to the back of each flower.


I am just IN LOVE with BLUE right now! And it happens to be my mom’s favorite color, too. Orange + blue = complimentary colors!

Next up, Mother’s Day memories from Bea!

xoxo, catherine

chicago love 2012 // day one

1.// After driving all night, the sunrise in Joliet, Illinois was so beautiful to watch! 2.// Urban neighborhood right next to the interstate. 3.// Tulips downtown while waiting for breakfast. 4.// Fences and bridges on our way to shop. 5.// Magnificent blue skyscraper. 6.// Walking under a bridge. 7.// Lost in Chinatown. 8.// Amazing mural on 18th street. 9.// This blue door caught my eye on our walk to Knee Deep Vintage.

Our first day in Chicago was spent not according to plan. Wes thought the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo opened at 10am, but it turned out to be 1pm! So we had some time to burn. We decided to walk up 18th street to a store I wanted to visit called Knee Deep Vintage. It was a 3.3 mile walk (one way) that seemed like it would be quick at first but turned out to be quite the blister footed trek! It was so worth it though–I scored a fabulous vintage Chicago tee and saw some beautiful things (liked the Immigration Declaration mural and that bluest of blues front door!) walking through an old neighborhood called Pilsen. We made it back to the McCormick expo center just in time to swap out my flats for some sandals and make it to the “con” as my nerdy husband called it. About 15 minutes in, my phone died, so I didn’t get many snaps. I’m super bummed because there were some great costumes, like Stormtroopers from Star Wars and classic comic-book characters like Catwoman and Spiderman. It was actually a lot of fun! Wes got to meet one of his favorite artists, Steve Bryant, and we bought this comic of his that just got picked by Dark Horse. So we sorta met a celebrity! (I heard that Shia LaBeouf was there . . . incognito).

By the time 3pm rolled around (check in time at the Chicago South Loop Hotel) we were completely knackered. We made it to our hotel room, ordered some Connie’s Pizza  and watched The Princess Diaries 2! Oh–but not before I got completely lost in Chinatown trying to find a Walgreens!

Chicago Love 2012 Part Deux up next: all about my vintage-venutres!

xoxo cat

my thrifting kit


i do a lot of thrifting. over the past year, it has become my #1 pastime. i started discovering local flea markets when i started planning my wedding. now, it’s become an addiction! but i wasn’t always into second-hand. my mom often took my sis and i to thrift stores as wee little kids, and for a long time i thought it was gross to wear someone else’s clothes or use old dishes. of course, this was a time when i thought cooties were a real thing.

but with age comes wisdom, and now i appreciate the world of vintage and heirloom. besides the fact that i absolutely adore certain trends from former decades, i’ve realized how fun it is to bring something into your life that has a history. it’s fun to imagine that my butterfly gold pyrex plate and bowel were parts of an original set given to 1970’s newlyweds, or to wonder who learned how to sew at my vintage singer sewing table.

anyway, like i said, i thrift a lot. a long time ago i decided to put together an official thrifting kit when i had to run home to measure the space for a piece of furniture i wanted to buy. when i got back, the chair was gone . . . and it would have been PERFECT for my apartment . never again will i be caught without a measuring tape!

so, here’s the components of my very own thrifting kit!

1. multiple forms of money. some places are cash only, so bring a twenty!

2. a tape measure. you don’t want to miss out on that ‘perfect’ piece because you weren’t sure if it would fit, and likewise, you don’t want to buy something you think will fit in your space and end up with something unusable.

3. bring inspiration. if you’re shopping for living room decor, bring snaps of stuff you like and stuff you already have!

4. use a camera–often! if you see something you like but aren’t positive it’ll find a place in your home/closet/life, take a pic and mull over the image at home! also, taking photos helps you remember where you saw something. flea markets can be huge, and it’s probably unfeasible to tote around an Eames rocker the entire time you’re in the store. of course, if I came across an Eames I could actually afford, i’d probably just buy it as fast as i could and call it a day!

5. a list! sometimes i go into the grocery store for tuna, bread, and eggs and end up leaving with Doritos, bulk toilet paper, and batteries. wait–we’re talking about flea markets. well, the same sentiment applies. if you are on a budget (money or time wise!) take your list of things you are specifically on the look out for.

6. a notebook is important. sometimes while i’m perusing booths/stores i come up with great ideas for projects, or just want to note an item that i loved that i want to research and learn more about.

7. and, obviously a writing utensil. to write with in your notebook. i am very, very partial to Sharpies.

thrift on, vintage warrior, thrift on!

xoxo cat