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reasons why you should get up early

Because coffee is delicious and early bird parking spots are the best.

But if you need a more elaborate argument, read on. This is coming from a night owl who finally learned how to wake up before afternoon o’clock.

…because there is nothing better than sipping a morning beverage in peace and quiet. I do coffee. You might do tea. A hot chocolate definitely has a place here. Brew, sip, think. Letting the day start slowly rather than harried has done wonders for my mental health.

…because you’ll have an endless supply of with-it-ness. Did you know that while studying education, I’ve actually seen the term “with-it-ness” appear in the academic literature? Teachers just have to have it. Have to be on the ball. Be able to multitask. Manage a professional and personal life without missing a beat. So do most professionals. So get up, get organized, and get out the door on time.

…because it allows for more free time in your day. I spend about 30 minutes browsing Instagram, Bloglovin’, and Twitter in the morning, usually while lounging in my covers. It feels lazy but I have time for it because I get up early. Building in the amount of free time that I want helps me choose to do more important things later in the day, like writing this blog post instead of marathoning three Parks and Rec reruns between class.

…because you just get more done. Like making your bed, slashing through your to do list, updating your blog, killing it at work, a coffee break with a good friend, and a quick living room spruce.  Sleep the day away or achieve your dreams. Do it to it!

P.S. On a related note, Joy the Baker and Tracy Shutterbean shared their number one tip for waking up early on the Joy The Baker Podcast. Love those girls!


in which the chronic non-finisher actually accomplishes a goal + giveaway winner

With December quickly rolling towards the New Year, it’s officially time to review last year’s resolutions and start dreaming up some new ones. Last year, I made a pretty comprehensive list full of things I wanted to tackle. After reviewing, I’m pretty impressed with my progress, considering I am notorious for starting things without ever actually finishing them. Like ever. Here’s a quick highlight of what I actually accomplished.

establish a morning routine

I have officially become a morning person. No longer can I sleep past 9AM. This is definitely the result of no longer working nights and just wanting to have more hours in the day in general. Also coffee. I just up and decided to like coffee.

listen to more music

I don’t really know how I did this, but I think I was just desiring to listen to a larger variety of music as well as break out Spotify a little more often. I tend to listen to the same stuff over and over again, and I tried really hard to take Becca’s recommendations seriously, and not just revert back to the tunes I could hum along to. I only wish I’d listened to a lot of these bands sooner (some were producing music when I was in high school, but I stuck to Britney Spears for a long time…). Wes also got me a record player for my birthday so we’ve been having a lot of fun finding records and stand to inherit a large collection from his dad this Christmas!

make time for friends

A little progress here…I’ve hosted a handful of craft days here and there. I got together with some great friends for a Christmas present wrapping party. That’s pretty much it. I think this will probably remain as a resolution for 2014!

become a better budgeter

Nope. I added an event to my Outlook calendar for the last Saturday of every month and ignored the alert every. single. time. Maybe it shouldn’t be on a Saturday. How many 25 year olds budget on a Saturday night? Obviously not this one. Going into 2014, Wes and are planning on doing a Spending Fast from And Then We Saved. We’ve made a wants vs. needs list, documented all of our debt, and will hopefully be debt free in about 18 months. Depending on whether or not I find a job and how committed we are to curbing spending, we could have it eliminated in less than 10…I’ll keep you updated!

organize files from a few old laptops and hard drives

Done and done. It was boring. It took hours. My left butt cheek went numb. But I did it. Now to tackle the photos on my current laptop. Egads.

get to the salon and have my hair did

You know how this went down. The Pixie of 2013. I hated it while I had it, I miss it now that it’s gone. I think I will forever be mildly dissatisfied with my hair. Oh well! These days I’m rocking a short bob and I’m excited to try this style soon.

limit TV watching

This actually happened. Except for marathoning Alias while bingeing on homework, I can truly say I whittled down the time I spent in front of the TV to one to two hours a day. This is a huge accomplishment for this sitcom junkie!

curate library

Ahh yes, the epic book purge of 2013. I’ll tell you what, when it came right down to it, I donated a lot more than I actually read. At least books no longer cover the stairs and collect dust bunnies while stacked in the corners. I tried my darndest to just keep books that I truly loved or wholeheartedly intend to read! Interestingly enough, my favorite read, The Serpent and the Scorpion by Clare Langley-Hawthorne, wasn’t even from my own books–it was originally Becca’s. These days,  my current book obsession is collecting vintage Agatha Christies.

develop ideas for an Etsy store

Ehh. This may never happen. I can dream the idea but have poor execution. I think I expect to be able to sit down at a sewing machine and draw upon the sewing skills of ancestors past. That doesn’t happen.

make a quilt

Again with the whole inability to actually sew without ending up bawling in the corner for hours…perhaps this goal will be set again for 2014.  I really want to buy this eCourse by Elise Blaha Cripe, even though she warns that you should be pretty comfortable with a sewing machine. But this is how I do things–go in with no know-how and come out with…a half sewn quilt and…a melted ball of plastic that used to be a sewing machine before I set it on fire. 

make some new kitchen towels

I think I might try to whip this one out before the year is over…I’ve been wanting to play with some bleach pens. You know–go the no sew route. In the meantime, I’ve accumulated some lovely material to make some new couch pillows with. Perhaps I’ll tackle those too.

spray paint a large accumulation of thrifts that I intended to update with a can of Krylon

Done and done. I spray painted a bedside table, some bathroom storage solutions, and a metal hamper that stores yoga mats in my living room. Next up: the orange chairs at my dining room table. I’m terrified to do this–I’m really nervous I’ll hate the color, but I don’t want to paint the plastic shell over and over again…

procrastinate less

I don’t know what it was. Maybe I’m older and wiser. Maybe it’s called “Oh hi, school with no job, nice to see you.” Or maybe it had something to do with watching less TV. Regardless, I had zero all nighters and zero melt downs. This turn of events is a far cry from my end-of-semester-freak-out last Spring in which I tried bargaining with the higher education gods: I spent a solid two hours during finals week trying to reconfigure my Fall 2013 schedule so that I could eliminate summer classes, and, thus, find the drive to complete a 20 page term paper I’d had all semester to tackle. Not pretty. Something else that’s  not pretty? Wearing sweats to class on a daily basis. Procrastinating less helped with my sloppy student look quite a bit, too.

 limit mental health days (read: skips) for seated classes to three per class

This goal came out of skipping an art class countless times and worrying whether or not I could actually be kept from passing. I had a whole speech ready. “Seriously? I graduated from Drury already. I have this college thing D-o-w-n with a capital D.” I would then prove that I had learned something by correctly pronouncing chiaroscuro. This time around, I just plain went to class.

work on organizing and decorating bedroom

I purged a lot. Got rid of a stodgy comforter that was too hard to actually wash and then get dry in this humid hell we call Missouri. I also repainted our dresser that had fallen victim to the most horrible DIY of all time.

develop a home cookbook

Kinda sorta? I made a file on my computer. I typed up a couple of recipes. I realized I don’t really come up with very many new recipes to warrant a fancy home cookbook.

buy a bookshelf

I found this great industrial shelf at an estate sale a while ago. I hemmed and hawed about purchasing it for a solid 30 minutes, and have decided it was definitely worth the six bucks!

reupholster my living room chairs

That sewing thing again…

limit Coca-Cola and drink more H2O

This was hard. I love Coke. I grew up on Coke. I drank Coke for breakfast every day during college. But I did it, and I credit swapping Coke out for coffee (with no sugar, I might add) with losing 6 pounds in November.  Buh-bye, Coke (and most other sugary drinks!)

train for a half-marathon

I want to love running. I try so hard. But I think, deep down, I actually hate it. This does not bode well for running any sort of fraction of a marathon. Ever.

eat a fresh salad a day

Since the semester started I have packed a huge salad full of veggies and a little bit of chicken for lunch every single day. Add some homemade avocado dressing and I’m full for HOURS. I was also happy to discover that I totally love green bell peppers, and now I eat them plain all the time. Love them.

take more pictures of Wes and I

Nope. Still working on this. Perhaps our coupledom will be the topic of my Photo a Day challenge I put on my 25 before 26 list. Or was it Photo an Hour? Hmm. Either way. I’m sure Wes will just love it!

have more date nights

Date night still mostly consists of trying to find a movie we both want to watch on Netflix. Why is this so hard? We recently mandated that one of us would have carte blanche in the movie choosing  every other week. Last week Wes chose Red Dawn. I am happy to report Wes  now holds the title of Worst Chooser Of Movies In The History Of Movies. Previously, I was a lone contender, after suggesting Christmas With the Cranks during the last holiday season. I predict that with a Spending Fast in effect for 2014, we will have to get particularly creative when it comes to dates.

make my wedding scrapbook

I’m not even sure where my wedding photos are. This makes my tummy hurt. I’m pretty sure Wes uploaded them to Dropbox, backed them up on an external hard drive, and then stashed the disk somewhere. I really need to sort this thing out. In the end, I’m pretty sure one of us will have grey hair before I actually get the event scrapbooked. And that person will be me, because by then Wes will have no  hair. (I love you, Wes!)

Alright. Apparently I favor decorating my apartment over improving upon date night, but…short hair don’t care! I know you made some resolutions last year, too. What were they? Did you make it happen? What’s on your radar for 2014? Comment below!

And before I forget, the lucky winner of the Happy Birthday Berndette giveaway is…

I would LOVE to win!

Posted by: apartment136|December 6, 2013 at 12:41 pm

Congratulations, Andrea! I’ll email you shortly and get your goodies shipped in no time.

Until next time,



Hello, everyone!

Well, the holidays are over, a new year has begun, and the time has come for our 2013 Resolutions! You can refer back to this post throughout the year to see our progress…we’re hoping this will help keep us accountable to our numerous, lofty ambitions!

I don’t come by organization, lists, or planning naturally: normally, I prefer to wing it and see what happens. I do, however, love to make New Year’s Resolutions. Embarking on a new year is incredibly inspiring, and I am super excited to see what this year has in store for me in my life and right here on Goodbye Bernadette!

Here is a list of my goals:


1. explore Springfield
2. start budgeting
3. take more photographs
4. get to the salon
5. fast from electronics for a weekend
6. make more time for reading


1. learn to alter thrifted and vintage clothing
2. crochet a baby blanket


1. obtain GED
2. explore options for college


1. purge belongings
2. organize closet
3. thrift some bookshelves


1. practice yoga more often
2. drink less soda and more water
3. work towards becoming vegan

When it comes to making New Year’s resolutions I usually make a few broad goals and then forget about them a few weeks into January. This year, I have decided to come up with as many goals as possible, in all areas of my life. I want to have plenty of things to choose from and have given myself permission to not complete everything, but to strive towards progress on as many goals possible.

Here are my goals for 2013:


1. establish a morning routine
2. listen to more music
3. make time for friends
4. become a better budgeter
5. organize files from a few old laptops and hardrives
6. get to the salon and have my hair did
7. limit TV watching
8. curate library


1. develop ideas for an Etsy store
2. make a quilt
3. make some new kitchen towels
4. spray paint a large accumulation of thrifts that I intended to update with a can of Krylon


1.procrastinate less
2. limit mental health days (read: skips) for seated classes to three per class


1. work on organizing and decorating bedroom
2. develop a home cookbook
3. buy a bookshelf
4. fix Wes’ standing desk (there’s a story in that…)
5. reupholster my living room chairs


1. limit Coca-Cola and drink more H2O
2. train for a half-marathon
3. eat a fresh salad a day
4. try a new food 1x/month


1. take more pictures of Wes and I
2. have more date nights
3. make my wedding scrapbook


(these are joint goals between Becca and I!)

1. develop workflows for blog scheduling and photo storage
2. manage social media a bit better
3. continue to work on developing our site’s layout