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sundays no. 3

Kitty Meow does Sundays right ^^Kitty Meow always does Sundays the right way.

Today IS Sunday, right? I can’t seem to keep track of the days of the week right now. At the start of the semester I was taking it week by week. Then day by day. Now, it’s task by task. “Write lesson plan.” “Eat breakfast.” “Wait on that table without forgetting silverware.” “Pick up niece from practice.” “Make Halloween costume.” “Grade papers.” “Run the dishwasher that’s been full for days.” “Feed cat.” “Text Wes to feed the dog because you forgot.”

And the next thing I know it’s Sunday again and the time is gone and I dream of the day I can sit by myself and catch up on Sleepy Hollow and Scandal without cat hair fluffs floating about all over the place at the slightest movement. Maybe–just maybe–that day can be today.

This Sunday, in particular, is for…

…no makeup. I did a terrible thing this week (and last week) and slept in Thursday night’s makeup and then, because it wasn’t too smudgy, just added more for my Friday night shift. You can judge.  I was busy. Today, my pores need some air.

…no photo filters. I don’t have the time and the sun is shining almost optimally.

…no homework. I’ve been doing it in my car before my internship, in 3 minute bursts while waiting tables, during class, and in my sleep.

…no stress. Lots of hot tea, a little bit of record playing, and finishing up The Great Gatsby. And some Sleepy Hollow and Scandal, of course. What are you doing this Sunday?


Sundays no. 1

Sundays no. 2



Where did February go? It absolutely flew by over here. It has been busy.

The semester is going so smoothly I’m almost afraid to talk about it. Some of my goals for this year were to stop procrastinating and pay attention to how many classes I miss this semester. I procrastinate like any other young person, and I missed more classes last semester then I did during four years of undergrad. Yikes. I made sure to get a good schedule this spring and face the blues I had about being 24 and still not doing whatever it is I think I’m supposed to be doing. Making a point to stop scrutinizing the future and instead focusing on the present is so darn good.

Europe planning is in full swing! Wes and I will embark on our very long awaited honeymoon in May. Our Eurail passes came in the mail today, and we’re almost ready to start figuring out the fun, exciting details of our trip. Harrod’s! The Louvre! Gondola rides! I am so stinkin’ excited. I’ve been trying to think about how and what to blog while I’m abroad. Obviously, lots and lots of photos. I also want to decide on a thematic souvenir to bring back from each country. Magnets? Postcards? Do share your ideas!

As far as the day-to-day goes, it’s been a lotta homework, a lotta work outs, and a little bit of fun. I reupholstered a chair, prettied up some ClearView binders with scrapbooking paper, and rearranged the living room. Yep. That’s what I like to do on my downtime!

In the meantime, Kitty Meow has been on the orneriest of ornery streaks. Scaring the bejesus out of us by jumping out of nooks and crannies, exploring things she’s not supposed to explore, and my favorite, laying in the middle of the floor while we’re working out to watch my pal Richard Simmons bump ‘n grind. Still love her!


the best of kitty meow

A year ago today we adopted our big fluff ball of a kitty. Our lives haven’t changed too drastically, as felines are pretty self-sufficient. As long she has kitty krunchies  in her bowl and a foot to bite, she is one happy lady. The best part about adopting her is how much laughter she brings. Belly-clutching, breath-gasping laughter! She is a riot and she brings a smile to Ma and Pa’s faces every single day. I also love how much Wes has completely fallen in love with her. He won’t admit it out loud. When I ask “Wes, tell me, do you love Kitty Meow?” he replies “I like her a lot, just as long as she’s not biting my feet.” But I know he’s just teasing me. This is coming from a man who adamantly refused to ever have any indoor pets who now lets Meow nestle right up under his beard at night. He loves her. I know it.

And I love her too! At first, she was very standoffish. She wasn’t skittish or fearful, but she just minded her own business. She liked to sit on the yellow velvet chair and just watch us, and if you wanted to pet her you had to go to her. She was one cool kitty. I was afraid she would never be a snuggler, but decided about 3 months in that it was okay if she just didn’t have that personality. Then we started taking afternoon catnaps on the couch together while I was split-shifting at work. I think she realized then the atomic warmth of the human belly, because it is her go-to snooze spot–second only to the back of the couch. Turns out she is a snuggler after all, and these days she’s can’t stand not sleeping in our bed, long-ways, just like us. She’s my favorite and I love her ever so.

sweetest thing: Every single night, when I come home from work, I find her sitting on the edgiest part of the back of the couch, as close to the front door as possible. When I walk in, I always say “Well heyyyyyyyy, Meow!” and she purrs or meows and paws at me. She makes my whole day end on a sweet note.

naughtiest moment: One evening, I accidentally left a brand new ball of yarn within reach of kitty claws. When we woke the next morning, we were just so thrilled to discover that Kitty Meow had yarn-teepeed the entire apartment. The whole ball had been unwound. It snaked around the sofa, under the chairs, into the kitchen, and up and down the stairs. Since then we’ve made sure to keep the yarn tucked away in my studio, to preserve my supply and make sure Meow doesn’t strangle herself. Still, she tries her darndest to open the Ziplocs that hold current crochet projects. And yet, when we stuffed her stocking with a brand new ball of Red Heart yarn in a wintery, Christmas-y green, she would have nothing to do with it. Sigh.

most favorite toy: It’s a toss up between a little tubular stuffed giraffe made by her Auntie B, or the collection of yellow felt craspedia buds I made from this tutorial and only got to enjoy for about two days. She likes the felt balls because they cling to her paws but are so lightweight they take flight at the slightest of paw flicks. And she likes the giraffe (or, riraffe, as we call it–we’re the dorkiest of pet parents!) because she can bite it and bat at it with her back paws at the same time. It’s a hoot.

funniest habit: Kitty Meow likes to do typical cat stuff, like sleeping spread eagle in the middle of our bed all day. But her funniest habit has to be the way she sleeps on the back of the couch. We have a small wingback love seat, and she likes to stretch out on her belly, anchor herself in a four paw straddle, and tuck her face into the nook where the wing meets the body of the sofa. Tail sometimes sticks straight out, and sometimes it wags our faces.

hairiest situation: I’m notorious for not keeping my clothes picked up. Dirties on the floor, worn-for-an-hour-or-less on the dresser and bed, and drawers open and exploding with items. But then Meow decided to take a nap in my sweater drawer, and then decided to bathe in my leggings drawer. And then I had hair on ninety-nine percent of my winter wardrobe for a long time–even after a lint roll and a wash!

silliest thing: They say something about curiosity and cats, but I never realized how steadfast their search for knowledge really is. Every time we flush the toilet, she watches the goods go down. Every. Single. Time. And she always looks up like “Where did it go?” and I always shrug my shoulders and say, “Same place as last time, Meow.”

Too cute. Right now, she’s obsessed with watching the hail fall from the sky during Stormageddon 2013. Maybe we’ll snuggle later to keep warm!

xoxo Cat (and Kitty Meow!)