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#ootd november

I sit here sipping coffee from a plastic Drury alumni cup because I have no clean mugs. Because I am on Winter Break and I am not with it. But in November, I more or less had it together and I have evidence below:

As you can see things got a little hasty last month and on some days I just had to bust out the dress pants, prop my camera up on the stairs, snap a picture, and run out the door.

Things I am looking forward to for the rest of December…

…reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil for ABM’s January book club selection.

…sipping on these during my family Christmas party.

…tackling a smaller, humbler Croquembouche as part of my 26 before 27.

…listening to the new album from She & Him, plus all of their Christmas music.

…wearing what may be the best cardigan I’ve ever purchased.


What’s in store for your December?



#ootd october

#ootd october

This was the first month I decided to start Instagramming Outfits of the Day (#OOTD).

I wanted to try this method of documenting outfits (snapping a pic just before I fly out the door, no special accessories or styling, and then Instagramming it when I get a chance) for two reasons.

First, I wanted to just get comfortable with publishing less than perfect photography onto my blog. Last year I noticed that my belief that every. single. photo. I put on the blog had to be 100% perfect was totally tanking my motivation to post. So I decided to just get over the fact that I shoot with an iPhone and that my house is full of photo bombing dust bunnies. Sometimes, In the mornings, I’m able to snap a pic when the light is perfect, but if it’s early I just have to work with that AM twilight. I just shove all the junk out of the way and go with it. And I’m happy enough with the results.

Second, I wanted an easy way to document how often I wear certain items of clothing. At the beginning of my elementary internship this semester, I dug out my black dress pants and tried to decide if the blazer I had worked with the pants. (Is it black or is it navy?! I still don’t know.) I’ve known for a while that any derivation of the power suit is not my style, so I decided to make my clothes work for the elementary classroom.

My personal style isn’t so much an issue. Teachers are certainly expected to look put together, but we don’t have to look corporate. I just wasn’t sure I had enough clothes. So I decided to draft a list of as many possible combinations that I could wear in the classroom and keep track of how often I chose to wear those combinations. The most frequent flyers include my mint chip skirt (above, bottom right) and anything black and white. I do believe that the photos above have captured the very beginnings of a capsule wardrobe, for weekend wear and teacher wear alike.

Yep yep! I love clothes, I love blogging, and less-than-perfect-photography will never stand in my way again. You can follow my #OOTD adventures by following my Instagram.


P.S. Have you considered adopting the capsule wardrobe philosophy?

what’s in my bag?

Let’s talk about the tote bag. It is a teacher staple. The other day I commuted with 4 tote bags to school. One for my unit planning class, one for my art class, one for the gym, and my regular old tote-bag-that-is-actually-my-purse. But totes aren’t exclusive to teachers–photographers, library goers, and grocery shoppers come to mind. Is the cavernous tote among one of your favorite types of bags? If so, here’s a few of my current favorites, as well as what’s in my tote right now.

top to bottom & left to right //

// a structured tote perfect for Monday morning. I’m really good at pre-packing my bag on Sunday in preparation for the week, but that kind of organization is all downhill from there.

// A Very Hungry Caterpillar tote that I would use all the time if I taught first grade!

// a tote specially designed for all your yoga needs. I’ve been hitting up two yoga classes per week lately, so I might even ask for this for my birthday.

// another literature inspired tote. I have not read Jane Eyre but I will have to make time for that if I am to ever sport the tote. I absolutely love the colors.

// a neutral tote. Neutrals are my favorite.

Here’s what’s in my current bag, a lovely tote I’ve been eyeing at Target and finally splurged on. First, what you don’t see: 4 individually wrapped prunes that were totally smooshed, a pair of dirty gym socks (ew), and dozens of crumpled receipts.

what remains //

// a map of bus lines. I am new to riding the bus and I’m kind of bad at it. I have a tendency to disembark too early. Goofball.

// a coin purse. I think I must be using all of my quarters for coffee because when I need some coinage for parking, there’s only pennies.

// one of my favorite resources for lesson planning. Isn’t the cover of that book awesome?

// a variety of writing utensils. I have my go to’s: Bic pens and pencils, and anything Sharpie.

// Smith’s lip balm for day and red lipstick for night.

// sunglasses I don’t even use because I’m out of contacts and my prescription is expired.

// the best hand cream ever from Neutrogena. Another one of my go to’s.

Now, go clean the junk out of your purse. Let’s all be organized together!

styled: high waisted denim + 10 things about me

I love denim, but properly fitting jeans are hard for me to come by–I claim to be five-foot-zero, but I might be a smidge shorter than that. So often I find myself in the dressing room thrilled to have found an otherwise perfect pair only to realize that the hem is scrunched at my ankles, a full 10 inches too long. And so, never did I think I would come across a pair of high waisters that didn’t come up to my eyeballs and still cover my entire foot. But I did and I love them. The jeans pictured here? Yep, those are of which I speak. You should get some, too.

These are from Charlotte Russe, but ModCloth has a few pairs I’m in love with (here & here). My pair is a snip or two away from being the perfect length, but will do just fine for a $20 pair of jeans.

If you’re just not sure if you’ve got the right top to go with a pair of high waisted jeans, I suggest trying to buy one at the same time. You’ll probably be surprised as how easy they are to style. I love doing a half tuck with a black t-shirt, adding some edgy black flats, and jazzing up the whole casual look with a fun, unexpected item, like my vintage blue jacket.

OH YES! And here’s 10 things you might not know about me.

1. I like math.

2. When I was a teenager my dream was to move to New York City and work for Seventeen Magazine.

3. I love to style interiors.

4. I don’t know how to fix the Internet when it “breaks”. I just flick switches on and off and hope for the best.

5. My favorite perfume is rose water and jasmine.

6. I have a desk but I never use it. I think I just love the idea of one, but I tend to do homework or blogging at the kitchen table or in front of the television.

7. My favorite movie of all time is Now and Then.

8. I played the flute all throughout junior high and high school but can’t even remember the B flat scale now.

9. I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was 24. These days I don’t even know how I graduated college without it!

10. I was a Resident Assistant for three years at Drury University.

Okay! Do we have anything in common? Do share, and tell me what you think about the high waisted jean trend.



i do adore: back to school edition

I’ve blinked, and summer is basically over. Yesterday I was rather verklempt about the whole thing, but today I’ve started thinking about school supplies. School supplies, office supplies, organizational supplies–they always lift my mood!

For me, the most necessary of school supplies include a new pair of shoes, a new pair of jeans, and the fattest and brightest Sharpie highlighters I can find. And of course, a free reading book. I loved free reading time in elementary school. On my first day of college, I remember sticking a book in my bag out of habit–as if professors gave you time to do your vocabulary worksheet in class and spend the rest of the hour reading Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself. To this day it takes me eons to finish a good book–“free” reading time seems to be impossible to find in this adult world of mine!

Regardless, I still try to take a book along with me wherever I go. Vintage Agatha Christie mystery novels tuck nicely inside a small purse, but these days I’m on a Philippa Gregory kick. The White Queen is first on my reading list for this fall. I sincerely hope to finish it before the leaves fall. We shall see.

This is my second-to-last-semester. In the Spring, I will be student teaching. When that time comes, I will probably not spend much on back-to-school things. I’ll have to save all of my money for the nine billion Starbucks runs I hear are necessary to get you through! For now, though, see below for my favorite picks for this semester.

1// pencil case 2// notebook 3// high waisted denim 4// sticky notes 5// mint tote 6// The White Queen 7// leopard flats 8// planner

What does fall look like for you? What’s on your fall agenda? Do share!

xoxo Catherine

it’s the first day of school . . .

. . . and this is what I’m wearing!

This outfit was inspired by a feature called Open to Interpretation on a fabulous blog called Freckles in April. In this feature, blogger Kayla encourages some awesome creativity by posting an inspirational outfit (hello, Pinterest!) and then interprets it with pieces from her own closet. This week readers are able to participate by linking up their interpretations from pics posted by Kayla and two other bloggers. Thursday we’ll be interpreting an outfit submitted by a reader, and Friday is interpret your own!

So yeah, this outfit is my interpretation of this photo:

photo from North Meets South

It was a really interesting process, and out of the first three outfits I’ve put together, this was the hardest for me. I started out with skinny jeans and a top that screamed rockabilly. It was cute, but I felt like I was all hips in it. I kept adjusting it. And I am low maintenance when it comes to outfits, so I knew it wasn’t going to work. So keeping with the most striking element (for me, the shoes) I kept trying and trying and trying! Finally, I found a great combination with a ruffled blouse from Charlotte Russe, a vintage skirt and scarf from my granny, and sneakers from Urban Outfitters. My favorite part? The fact that both the shoes and the scarf have a floral pattern, that coordinate in color but differ in size!

Sneakers will be perfect for trekking it across campus tomorrow, since I’m officially a commuter student and have to park on the far side of Mars.

xoxo cat

colorado bound!

We are celebrating my granny’s 90th birthday this weekend, so the family and I ship out for my home state of Colorado tomorrow! While my granny (along with many cousins, aunts, and uncles) visited during my wedding last year (!), I haven’t been out to see them in the great state of CO since I was a junior in HIGH SCHOOL. Nearly seven years! I am so very excited. My only wish was that we could stay more than just the weekend!

I started getting ready for the trip today–cleaning, laundering, and packing . . . packing light, since Granny fully intends on sending us back to Missouri with trinkets and vintage from her home. As such, here are the outfits I intend to wear:

Vest, Necklaces, and Earrings: thrifted. Blouse, Jeans & Handbag: Forever 21. Shoes: Charlotte Russe.

I came up with this outfit during my trip to Chicago. It’s tried and true, stylish and comfortable. Perfect for riding in the car and taking cute snaps along the way! Out fit includes new jewelry I snagged for cheap at an estate sale last weekend. Estate sales are quickly becoming my most favorite way to thrift!

Tee and Handbag: Forever 21. Skirt: Top Shop. Shoes: some outlet in Branson, MO. Belt: thrifted. Bangle: from my sister?

For Granny’s party, I decided to wear my brand new Top Shop skirt! It’s the perfect length, with just the right amount of “let’s party” flounce. My favorite part is the vintage gold belt!

Tee & Jeans: Forever 21. Earrings: Charlotte Russe. Scarf: thrifted from Classified Fashions in Springfield, MO. Shoes: Urban Outfitters.

I expect to be fully knackered on the trip back to Missouri. Comfort over style, please! Soft jeans and soft tee will provide just that–giant earrings, not so much, but what’s a girl to do? (Take them of during nap-time, of course!)

You can be sure that Bea and I will be posting during the trip–we have our Instagram apps ready!

I can’t wait to see my family!

xoxo Cat

these are a few of my favorite things // cat

So . . . I spent the whole winter looking for a perfect pair of (affordable) riding boots, but never found what I was looking for. I purchased one pair from dEliA*s–a cute knee high riding boot that laced at the toes and zipped up the back–but my left calf was too big! :/

Thus, I have declared that I will stop at nothing this summer until I find a perfect summer staple shoe. And I’ve decided this doesn’t include the $10 sandals I buy at Target to replace basic blacks from last summer. Instead, I think I’m going to branch out and buy something a little more fun–maybe a style I’ve never tried before. I love trying new things!

So here’s my Summer Shoe Favorites!

I have been in the market for cowboy boots my whole life, because I just can’t ever seem to find a pair that I absolutely love! It seems no matter what I pair with them I always feel a bit too . . . country. And hot. Cowboy boots are really warm shoes. I like these cropped boots because you still get that cowboy boot vibe with the silhouette, the stitching and the tassel, but the height feels totally rock and roll! I’d wear these boots from Alloy with this, this, and this! I think they’d go especially well with the hi-low trend that’s all over town!

I’ve had my eyes on some saddle shoes for a long time now. Instead of being two-tone, this pair from dEliA*s are two-texture, which is a fun take on the traditional that I really like.  I also love these ones because the crochet details make them airy–no socks! The only problem is I’m not sure what color I’d buy–probably the white or the pink. Maybe both! I’d wear them with this, this, and this! I like to wear flat shoes with short dresses–minis and heels combined is just sometimes too much for me to deal with!

These Sperry’s from dEliA*s are definitely a splurge, but I am in dire need of a pair of kicks that go great with skinny jeans that I can wear socks with. I keep getting blisters walking long distances in my flats and sandals–but my trainers just won’t do with skinnies! So I think I might invest in a pair of these. Maybe not this summer, but definitely when we go to Europe! I love this pair because I am a sucker for animal print. I’d wear them with these, these, and these!

I can’t help but add a basic black sandal to my wish list. And this pair from Forever 21 is super affordable! I’ve bought a new style of flat sandal in black for the last three summers–they sometimes last, they sometimes don’t–but when they do I have a few options to choose from in a color that goes with everything! I’m really into chevron shapes, so I love the gold detail on the toe-piece. And the double ankle strap is unlike anything I already have in my closet! I’d wear them with this, this, and this!


Until payday.

Thanks for letting me share! What’s on your summer wish list?

xoxo, cat