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#ootd november

I sit here sipping coffee from a plastic Drury alumni cup because I have no clean mugs. Because I am on Winter Break and I am not with it. But in November, I more or less had it together and I have evidence below:

As you can see things got a little hasty last month and on some days I just had to bust out the dress pants, prop my camera up on the stairs, snap a picture, and run out the door.

Things I am looking forward to for the rest of December…

…reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil for ABM’s January book club selection.

…sipping on these during my family Christmas party.

…tackling a smaller, humbler Croquembouche as part of my 26 before 27.

…listening to the new album from She & Him, plus all of their Christmas music.

…wearing what may be the best cardigan I’ve ever purchased.


What’s in store for your December?



polkadots and blue jeans


polkadots and blue jeans

It’s snowed two times since November started. Big fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky as I type. I have a feeling that flats will no longer belong in the category of appropriate footwear very soon.

This outfit is my favorite from #ootd November. I love dalmatian print–and can you believe I bought that shirt from Forever 21 over 3 years ago? It’s held up very nicely, as I find many clothes that don’t necessarily cost a pretty penny tend to do if you don’t leave them lying on the floor!

Anyway, much to do today on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. #ootd posts from now until the end of November will likely only include yoga pants so as to properly accommodate for turkey sandwich leftovers and homemade Chex mix!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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#ootd october

#ootd october

This was the first month I decided to start Instagramming Outfits of the Day (#OOTD).

I wanted to try this method of documenting outfits (snapping a pic just before I fly out the door, no special accessories or styling, and then Instagramming it when I get a chance) for two reasons.

First, I wanted to just get comfortable with publishing less than perfect photography onto my blog. Last year I noticed that my belief that every. single. photo. I put on the blog had to be 100% perfect was totally tanking my motivation to post. So I decided to just get over the fact that I shoot with an iPhone and that my house is full of photo bombing dust bunnies. Sometimes, In the mornings, I’m able to snap a pic when the light is perfect, but if it’s early I just have to work with that AM twilight. I just shove all the junk out of the way and go with it. And I’m happy enough with the results.

Second, I wanted an easy way to document how often I wear certain items of clothing. At the beginning of my elementary internship this semester, I dug out my black dress pants and tried to decide if the blazer I had worked with the pants. (Is it black or is it navy?! I still don’t know.) I’ve known for a while that any derivation of the power suit is not my style, so I decided to make my clothes work for the elementary classroom.

My personal style isn’t so much an issue. Teachers are certainly expected to look put together, but we don’t have to look corporate. I just wasn’t sure I had enough clothes. So I decided to draft a list of as many possible combinations that I could wear in the classroom and keep track of how often I chose to wear those combinations. The most frequent flyers include my mint chip skirt (above, bottom right) and anything black and white. I do believe that the photos above have captured the very beginnings of a capsule wardrobe, for weekend wear and teacher wear alike.

Yep yep! I love clothes, I love blogging, and less-than-perfect-photography will never stand in my way again. You can follow my #OOTD adventures by following my Instagram.


P.S. Have you considered adopting the capsule wardrobe philosophy?

styled: high waisted denim + 10 things about me

I love denim, but properly fitting jeans are hard for me to come by–I claim to be five-foot-zero, but I might be a smidge shorter than that. So often I find myself in the dressing room thrilled to have found an otherwise perfect pair only to realize that the hem is scrunched at my ankles, a full 10 inches too long. And so, never did I think I would come across a pair of high waisters that didn’t come up to my eyeballs and still cover my entire foot. But I did and I love them. The jeans pictured here? Yep, those are of which I speak. You should get some, too.

These are from Charlotte Russe, but ModCloth has a few pairs I’m in love with (here & here). My pair is a snip or two away from being the perfect length, but will do just fine for a $20 pair of jeans.

If you’re just not sure if you’ve got the right top to go with a pair of high waisted jeans, I suggest trying to buy one at the same time. You’ll probably be surprised as how easy they are to style. I love doing a half tuck with a black t-shirt, adding some edgy black flats, and jazzing up the whole casual look with a fun, unexpected item, like my vintage blue jacket.

OH YES! And here’s 10 things you might not know about me.

1. I like math.

2. When I was a teenager my dream was to move to New York City and work for Seventeen Magazine.

3. I love to style interiors.

4. I don’t know how to fix the Internet when it “breaks”. I just flick switches on and off and hope for the best.

5. My favorite perfume is rose water and jasmine.

6. I have a desk but I never use it. I think I just love the idea of one, but I tend to do homework or blogging at the kitchen table or in front of the television.

7. My favorite movie of all time is Now and Then.

8. I played the flute all throughout junior high and high school but can’t even remember the B flat scale now.

9. I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was 24. These days I don’t even know how I graduated college without it!

10. I was a Resident Assistant for three years at Drury University.

Okay! Do we have anything in common? Do share, and tell me what you think about the high waisted jean trend.



wearing: weekend uniform

It’s 2013 and I’ve just now discovered the amazing-ness of podcasts. Wes always listens to them when we travel home, and suggested I might enjoy listening to them, too. My podcast playlist is limited in scope, with just two regulars: the Joy the Baker Podcast and Grace Bonney’s After the Jump. I love both for different reasons, but today’s post is all about  After the Jump.

I particularly love when After the Jump tackles the topic of work/life balance. This fall,  Grace and her fellow Design*Sponge extraordinaires sat down to discuss eliminating decision fatigue through the concept of uniforming.

I absolutely love this concept. More importantly, I’m happy to know that other people think about how to micromanage their life. The idea is this: Why not take the time to evaluate your basic, daily decisions and figure out a way to streamline them in order to free up as much time as possible for creative ventures?

You can listen to the podcast here, and read below how I’ve begun implementing the concept of uniforming in various levels of my life.

First, I made a list of all the little tiny decisions I make on a day-to-day. They included what to eat for breakfast/how to do my hair/what to pack for lunch/what to make for dinner/which of the dozen chores to tackle in the evening hour…the list really goes on and on.

Next, I identified the level of control I had in these decisions. For some, I had complete control (how to do my hair), and in others, less (what to make for dinner). This helped me determine which areas of my life I could refine without the input from others.

Finally, I made a plan  and developed some tools (read: fancy to-do lists) to help mitigate the decision fatigue that surround those daily decisions. So far, I’ve tackled meal planning, grocery shopping, house cleaning, laundry folding, and most importantly…what to wear.

Enter the weekend uniform.

This was the first decision I decisioned away. The weekends around here typically involve a lot of homework, grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning. Weekends past were spent in athletic wear, but because I’ve decided that I live my life more fully (and efficiently!) when I’m not wearing glorified pajamas, I now opt  for a casual alternative of an easy wear top in a neutral black/grey, skinny jeans, and leopard flats. As you can see, I tried to up the cool factor by straying from the equation and adding boots to my outfit. I love the boots and dress combo, but for me, they’re just too high-maintenance with jeans. So, flats it is. You live, you learn…

I even convinced Becca, who usually finds my micromanaging tendencies rather repugnant, to come up with her own weekend uniform. She leans towards more color, but  isn’t it crazy how well we coordinated? We have been walking out of the house in nearly identical outfits for years. I used to make Becca change. I was a mean sister sometimes!

Here’s our weekend uniform trifecta: no fuss top in black or grey for Catherine, bit-of-color for Becca + the $7.80 skinnies from F21 + leopard flats.


I’m actually wearing the Radical top as I type. It has been dubbed my lucky NaNoWriMo t-shirt, so it’s getting a lot of wear, weekend or not. I write at night, sleep in it to muster up more lucky writing magic, and then write again in the morning. It seems to be working.

Of course, having a uniform doesn’t mean excluding variation in your wardrobe. I’ve been alternating between the three or four B&W/grey tops I own, but I always go for the same pair of jeans and shoes. My outfits druing the week follow a totally different formula. Ultimately, I’m just trying avoid spending my Saturday tearing my closet apart trying to decide if my purple jeans go with  my mustard cardigan.

Overall, I’ve already noticed a higher degree of motivation the better I protect my energies from  decision fatigue, and there’s more to come as I further strategize other areas of my life. Lord knows I can’t help but Word Process my  way into organizational solutions, so be on the look out for to-do-list forms, chore charts, and the like!

Do you struggle with decision fatigue? What area of your life would you consider uniforming?

xo, Cat