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#ootd october

#ootd october

This was the first month I decided to start Instagramming Outfits of the Day (#OOTD).

I wanted to try this method of documenting outfits (snapping a pic just before I fly out the door, no special accessories or styling, and then Instagramming it when I get a chance) for two reasons.

First, I wanted to just get comfortable with publishing less than perfect photography onto my blog. Last year I noticed that my belief that every. single. photo. I put on the blog had to be 100% perfect was totally tanking my motivation to post. So I decided to just get over the fact that I shoot with an iPhone and that my house is full of photo bombing dust bunnies. Sometimes, In the mornings, I’m able to snap a pic when the light is perfect, but if it’s early I just have to work with that AM twilight. I just shove all the junk out of the way and go with it. And I’m happy enough with the results.

Second, I wanted an easy way to document how often I wear certain items of clothing. At the beginning of my elementary internship this semester, I dug out my black dress pants and tried to decide if the blazer I had worked with the pants. (Is it black or is it navy?! I still don’t know.) I’ve known for a while that any derivation of the power suit is not my style, so I decided to make my clothes work for the elementary classroom.

My personal style isn’t so much an issue. Teachers are certainly expected to look put together, but we don’t have to look corporate. I just wasn’t sure I had enough clothes. So I decided to draft a list of as many possible combinations that I could wear in the classroom and keep track of how often I chose to wear those combinations. The most frequent flyers include my mint chip skirt (above, bottom right) and anything black and white. I do believe that the photos above have captured the very beginnings of a capsule wardrobe, for weekend wear and teacher wear alike.

Yep yep! I love clothes, I love blogging, and less-than-perfect-photography will never stand in my way again. You can follow my #OOTD adventures by following my Instagram.


P.S. Have you considered adopting the capsule wardrobe philosophy?


the sew diaries: eight dresses

The year is nearly over but I’m still trying to tackle a few of my 2013 resolutions here and there. One of them was to practice altering vintage clothes. It has been so much fun collecting dresses the last few months–some are vintage, some are not, but they all have great potential! I tried to choose dresses that were just a couple of bucks or less, because I fully expect to run into snags and snafus. Oh, and yes…I named them.  Silly, I know!

I’m not really sure how this is going to go. I might work on and post about one dress at a time, or I might share sewing stories about two or three at once. Either way, it’s time to start ironing out those wrinkles and shortening hems.

I am planning on doing some basic alterations on all (hemming, changing the buttons, etc.) as well as more complicated (to me!) alterations like changing sleeves or taking in the waist. Changing the culottes (the Roberta) into a dress is going to be interesting…I’m excited! I hope to have some beautiful, updated frocks to show you!

xo, Becca