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the sew diaries: eight dresses

The year is nearly over but I’m still trying to tackle a few of my 2013 resolutions here and there. One of them was to practice altering vintage clothes. It has been so much fun collecting dresses the last few months–some are vintage, some are not, but they all have great potential! I tried to choose dresses that were just a couple of bucks or less, because I fully expect to run into snags and snafus. Oh, and yes…I named them. ┬áSilly, I know!

I’m not really sure how this is going to go. I might work on and post about one dress at a time, or I might share sewing stories about two or three at once. Either way, it’s time to start ironing out those wrinkles and shortening hems.

I am planning on doing some basic alterations on all (hemming, changing the buttons, etc.) as well as more complicated (to me!) alterations like changing sleeves or taking in the waist. Changing the culottes (the Roberta) into a dress is going to be interesting…I’m excited! I hope to have some beautiful, updated frocks to show you!

xo, Becca