About Goodbye Bernadette:
Goodbye Bernadette is a lifestyle blog full of lively thoughts and lovely things. It is meant to inspire myself and others to live lovelier and more fulfilling lives. I share the best tidbits from the day-t0-day: picnics with friends, a fabulous find from the thrift store, inspirational thoughts…and cat pictures. Lot’s of cat pictures, of course.

About Catherine:
I’m a 25 year old girl who sometimes longs to live in the big city but is most often content here in my big/small town of Springfield, Missouri. I graduated from college in 2011, and I’m currently studying to become an elementary science and math teacher. For right now, I wait tables at a local restaurant!

I’m married to a really cool dude named Wes. He is tall with blonde hair and he likes to read comics and study history. In fact, he publishes an awesome podcast called History of The Great War. We were married on a hot summer day in his family’s backyard. There was homemade cinnamon rolls, peonies, and games of croquet. One of these days I will blog about it. I promise.

I start my mornings with sunshine, coffee, Instagram and Bloglovin’. From there, everyday is different, but I try desperately to live with intention.

I hope you find something fun, pretty, or inspiring here at Goodbye Bernadette!

How to contact me:
Questions and (kind) comments are always welcome! Email me at goodbyebernadette AT live DOT com. You can also connect through Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. And be sure to follow on Bloglovin’!


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