styled: high waisted denim + 10 things about me

I love denim, but properly fitting jeans are hard for me to come by–I claim to be five-foot-zero, but I might be a smidge shorter than that. So often I find myself in the dressing room thrilled to have found an otherwise perfect pair only to realize that the hem is scrunched at my ankles, a full 10 inches too long. And so, never did I think I would come across a pair of high waisters that didn’t come up to my eyeballs and still cover my entire foot. But I did and I love them. The jeans pictured here? Yep, those are of which I speak. You should get some, too.

These are from Charlotte Russe, but ModCloth has a few pairs I’m in love with (here & here). My pair is a snip or two away from being the perfect length, but will do just fine for a $20 pair of jeans.

If you’re just not sure if you’ve got the right top to go with a pair of high waisted jeans, I suggest trying to buy one at the same time. You’ll probably be surprised as how easy they are to style. I love doing a half tuck with a black t-shirt, adding some edgy black flats, and jazzing up the whole casual look with a fun, unexpected item, like my vintage blue jacket.

OH YES! And here’s 10 things you might not know about me.

1. I like math.

2. When I was a teenager my dream was to move to New York City and work for Seventeen Magazine.

3. I love to style interiors.

4. I don’t know how to fix the Internet when it “breaks”. I just flick switches on and off and hope for the best.

5. My favorite perfume is rose water and jasmine.

6. I have a desk but I never use it. I think I just love the idea of one, but I tend to do homework or blogging at the kitchen table or in front of the television.

7. My favorite movie of all time is Now and Then.

8. I played the flute all throughout junior high and high school but can’t even remember the B flat scale now.

9. I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was 24. These days I don’t even know how I graduated college without it!

10. I was a Resident Assistant for three years at Drury University.

Okay! Do we have anything in common? Do share, and tell me what you think about the high waisted jean trend.




4 thoughts on “styled: high waisted denim + 10 things about me

    1. goodbyebernadette Post author

      I am not a quilter. My husband’s grandparents made a quilt for each grand baby a long time ago, but this one is about 15 feet long! I love it’s quirky look and use it as a backdrop and to snuggle in on sick days since it doesn’t really work for a bed. Do you quilt? Or sew in general? I am slowly learning how to sew.

      1. Tammi Kale

        Hi Cat – yes, I do quilt and I couldn’t help noticing the ‘quirkiness’ you speak of….it’s beautiful. I’ve been really busy lately making memory quilts for people I work with…..I don’t mean to sound dark but when a person passes on I can think of no better way to use their clothes than to make a quilt out of them. Then you can wrap yourself up in what was theirs. Other than quilting, I haven’t sewn much else since my daughter was young. I did make my granddaughter a ‘Dorothy’ dress last year and was really tickled with how many people commented on it. Stick with it – it will bring you alot of fun as you see pieces come together!

      2. goodbyebernadette Post author

        That’s a great sentiment! I bet people find a lot of comfort in those quilts.

        Right now I’m in the market for a new sewing machine. Up until now I’ve been using an old beater but I think I’m ready to invest a little bit more since I’m sewing more often! Any recommendations?

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