i do adore: back to school edition

I’ve blinked, and summer is basically over. Yesterday I was rather verklempt about the whole thing, but today I’ve started thinking about school supplies. School supplies, office supplies, organizational supplies–they always lift my mood!

For me, the most necessary of school supplies include a new pair of shoes, a new pair of jeans, and the fattest and brightest Sharpie highlighters I can find. And of course, a free reading book. I loved free reading time in elementary school. On my first day of college, I remember sticking a book in my bag out of habit–as if professors gave you time to do your vocabulary worksheet in class and spend the rest of the hour reading Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself. To this day it takes me eons to finish a good book–“free” reading time seems to be impossible to find in this adult world of mine!

Regardless, I still try to take a book along with me wherever I go. Vintage Agatha Christie mystery novels tuck nicely inside a small purse, but these days I’m on a Philippa Gregory kick. The White Queen is first on my reading list for this fall. I sincerely hope to finish it before the leaves fall. We shall see.

This is my second-to-last-semester. In the Spring, I will be student teaching. When that time comes, I will probably not spend much on back-to-school things. I’ll have to save all of my money for the nine billion Starbucks runs I hear are necessary to get you through! For now, though, see below for my favorite picks for this semester.

1// pencil case 2// notebook 3// high waisted denim 4// sticky notes 5// mint tote 6// The White Queen 7// leopard flats 8// planner

What does fall look like for you? What’s on your fall agenda? Do share!

xoxo Catherine


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