the only way out is through


I  am extremely happy  to report that I have finally earned my GED! The past two years have been so very, very stressful, but I am so pleased at what I accomplished. When I started this process, I found myself repeating the mantra the only way out is through. This served as a daily motivator for me to keep calm and carry on. I especially needed the reminder  when I discovered I had nearly passed with flying colors, but needed just a few more points in one section. I was bummed, to say the least.

I put off studying for so long because I was so afraid of not passing again and feeling like a total blockhead, but I finally bit the bullet and buckled down. I shuffled through the month of September with my nose in a book and a calculator attached to my hip. Oh, and donuts. There was a lot of donuts. And gosh darn it, it payed off and I can finally say that  I am done. 

Nowadays, you might see me dancing a merry jig in the grocery store because I’ll never again have to put anymore energy into eating a donut while I try and make sense out of geometry and coordinate planes. I celebrated with a lime/ginger beer concoction called a Moscow Mule (check out this recipe from  and had nearly as good a time as my 21st birthday.

I am done and fully prepared to move on to greater things. Now that I’m over this bump in my Road To Everything, it’s time to apply to Beauty School. In the meantime, I’m flexing my writing skills with NaNoWriMo.

(I already have my nom de plume figured out.)

xo, Becca


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