25 before 26

It is that time of year again. Autumn makes me feel full of ambition. Can we combine “autumn” and “ambition” somehow? So when the first day of school rolls around and I look like a nutter with all of my to-do lists and new school supplies I can just throw some slang out and continue on? *tries desperately to combine autumn and ambition. fails.*

Just when the first-day-of-school buzz starts to wear off, my birthday rolls around, and then it’s New Years. All of these events either motivate me and/or make me think about the life I want to live. So, fall and winter can be a super inspirational for me, if I manage to harness that energy. So, another to-do list it is!

Here are 25 things I want to accomplish before I turn 26.

1. run a 10k
2. buy 3 pieces for my Pyrex collection
3. add another plant to the house
4. reach a healthy BMI
5. remake a vintage dress
6. create a more organized studio space
7. find a bed spread I don’t hate
8. do a photo-an-hour photo challenge
9. complete 2 months of Insanity
10. have a booth at a local craft fair
11. grow my hair long enough to jump on the ombre trend
12. make a Kagan cooperative learning resource hub
13. bake a tres leches cake
14. start recycling in our home
15. collaborate with another blog
16. find three go-to photo spots for any season
17. try project life
18. do my wedding scrapbook
19. learn (like, really learn) at least 1 sewing skill
20. add a staple piece to my wardrobe
21. learn macrame
22. make a set of coasters for the living room
23. create a cinderblock garden on the balcony
24. make curtains
25. blog at least 1x per month


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