weekending: NaNoWriMo

The weekend is here and today marks the start of National Novel Writing Month!

I first heard about NaNoWriMo while a sophomore in college and thought to myself “There is no way I could ever write a novel, let alone in 30 days!” Secretly though, I’ve always wanted to write a book and even more secretly secret…I think I might be good at it.

Aren’t those always the things were most reluctant to try? The things we might be good at?

Well. I’m still reluctant to fail, but I’m no longer reluctant make an attempt. Worst-case scenario, I spend a month typing until my fingers bleed and then laugh so hard at my poor use of adjectives that I pee a little. Or a lot. A lot is definitely worst-case.

And best-case? My novel is an interesting story with relatable characters and no glaring plot holes. Or a ridiculous piece of Chick Lit that keeps your eyebrow raised skeptically throughout. I like those too.

I started at midnight and went to sleep at 1AM with 730 words. Typing this now, it’s 9AM and chapter one is done, coming in at nearly 2100 words. I’m very pleased, but forcing myself to stop for the day. I have an outline and a schedule armed and ready  to get me through the next 48k.

If you would like to take a whack at your own manuscript, create an account here. The whole day is still ahead of you, and it’s definitely not too late to start!

Happy Friday, and Happy Writing!

xo, Catherine


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