25th birthday wish list

Oh boy. It’s starting to get real over here. I joke that turning 25 is like basically turning 30, and if I’m 30…well I might as well be 50. And 50 might as well be D-E-D because I’m still working on this college 2.0 thing and there are still days I feel like I’m waiting for my life to start.

On those days, I dread turning 25.

But then there’s other days where I feel super, super adult-like…

…like when I notice how clean I’ve kept the Prius so it’ll always feel new a shiny. And when I think how awesome it is that I clean the fridge out every Sunday before I put groceries away.

…like when I realize I have not worn a single pair of sweatpants to class this semester. There have been one or two days of running gear on a day I did not go for a jog, but hair was done and face was washed, so that’s a-okay with me.

…like when I finally discover how to give my eyebrows some shape. Or decide that I’m okay with not being tan, not being able to rock a  pixie cut, and that I prefer flats over high heels (always). Oh…and not giving a stink when the ladies on the social media begin harping on other girls for wearing leggings as pants. I will always wear leggings. With oversized sweaters at the grocery store, with my husband’s flannel shirt at the house, and with whatever else I please. Don’t hate–celebrate. And go for stirrups, if you like.

Okay so anyway…on those days when I feel like a capable adult, I’m okay with turning 25 and absorbing all of that wisdom that comes with age. And also, I’m always okay with making a birthday wish list. See below.

1.// 2.// 3.// 4.// 5.// 6.// 7.// 8.// 9.//

Inspiration for my wish list started with my current obsession with Judd Apatow–namely, marathoning Freaks and Geeks like nobody’s watching. When this show first aired, it was painful for me to watch, because I was about 12 years old and was able to relate to those characters in real time. So when I came across it in Netflix I shied away pretty quick. But then I got to thinking I could use a good coming-of-age-story, and I’m far to tired these days to read much more than a chapter. So, Freaks and Geeks it is. Now I’m in love, especially with the soundtrack!

This love of Freaks and Geeks may have been responsible for that jean jacket making its way onto the list. I want to wear it on days I sport workout gear to class. Much better than a pea coat, and more fun than my cold-weather-running jacket. Also, I love that tank from target because I see myself in it on yoga Sundays or with a cute cardigan and jeans. Must have. I love the wide stripe!

Fast forward…I’ve been dying for a record player for a while now. Especially after Wes and I got swindled out of $40 for a turntable that doesn’t do much more than turn. Wah wah! I have records ready to go and everything!

Make-up brushes…check. Definitely overdue on replacements. You can only wash them so many times, am I right?

#9…I love mugs. And I love cats. I’m drinking so much coffee these days (nearly black! yay for less sugar!), so I’m often remiss to find all of my ceramic drinking vessels are dirty in the morning. Crazy Cat Lady mug, here I come!

#7…I am in the market for artwork that isn’t magazine cutouts pasted onto an inspo board…I love that print so much. I also love this moon phase print , which is no surprise since I had a blast studying the moon for my science methods class.

And finally…BOOKS! Let’s hear it for children’s literature. And let’s hear it for Judy Schachner, author of the Skippyjon Jones series. A siamese cat  who thinks he’s a Chihuahua, and has a group of imaginary  Chihuahua friends, called Los Chimichangos? Can’t get enough of it. I want her new book, Bits and Pieces, about a cat named Tink. Yep. Cats. Love ’em. And the other book I am Malala? I am dying to read it. Malala’s story is so inspirational. She’s a young woman who stood up for her beliefs. That’s good stuff. I need to be inspired right now, and I think this book might be the ticket.

Here’s to embracing your inner freak and/or geek, perhaps finally getting to rock out to the Go Go’s on vinyl, and not having makeup brushes that give you eye infections (that’s never happened…but it’s best to be safe.)

And, here’s to turning a 1/4 century old.


One thought on “25th birthday wish list

  1. jaymers

    I read the Malala book (and loved it) and I remember being a bit of a Freaks & Geeks addict back when it came out in DVD in like 2004 or something. Funny how all of those actors have gone on to do some fun stuff… they were just babies back then! Happy 25th birthday! (and p.s. 30 ain’t bad!)


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