Monthly Archives: March 2013


Where did February go? It absolutely flew by over here. It has been busy.

The semester is going so smoothly I’m almost afraid to talk about it. Some of my goals for this year were to stop procrastinating and pay attention to how many classes I miss this semester. I procrastinate like any other young person, and I missed more classes last semester then I did during four years of undergrad. Yikes. I made sure to get a good schedule this spring and face the blues I had about being 24 and still not doing whatever it is I think I’m supposed to be doing. Making a point to stop scrutinizing the future and instead focusing on the present is so darn good.

Europe planning is in full swing! Wes and I will embark on our very long awaited honeymoon in May. Our Eurail passes came in the mail today, and we’re almost ready to start figuring out the fun, exciting details of our trip. Harrod’s! The Louvre! Gondola rides! I am so stinkin’ excited. I’ve been trying to think about how and what to blog while I’m abroad. Obviously, lots and lots of photos. I also want to decide on a thematic souvenir to bring back from each country. Magnets? Postcards? Do share your ideas!

As far as the day-to-day goes, it’s been a lotta homework, a lotta work outs, and a little bit of fun. I reupholstered a chair, prettied up some ClearView binders with scrapbooking paper, and rearranged the living room. Yep. That’s what I like to do on my downtime!

In the meantime, Kitty Meow has been on the orneriest of ornery streaks. Scaring the bejesus out of us by jumping out of nooks and crannies, exploring things she’s not supposed to explore, and my favorite, laying in the middle of the floor while we’re working out to watch my pal Richard Simmons bump ‘n grind. Still love her!