i do adore: v-day wish list


Is everyone ready for Valentine’s Day this year? I feel like the celebration came up on me quite quick, but I’m okay with that because Valentine’s Day means chocolate, and who could grumble about that? My plans on the 14th will consist of me handing out chocolate-y goodness in the form of vegan black bean brownies to my co-workers; I wonder how they will react to the black beans…only time will tell. In the meantime, here is my Valentine wish list!

1. This necklace is adorable! I could see myself wearing it everywhere, even if it didn’t go with my outfit at the moment.

2. I like anything with hearts on it, but this iPhone case takes the cake, I think, and wouldn’t you know, I now have a use for a case like this as I slowly move towards buying an iPhone. Yay!

3. How fun and cute is this scarf? I would love nothing more than to add it to my collection!

4. It’s probably the sweetest quote I’ve seen in a long while, and while I would love to receive this print as a gift, I’d also give it away to the sweet guy in my life in a heartbeat.

5. I couldn’t possibly overlook this movie in favor of another one. Everything about Safe Haven positively exudes romance and is just the sort of movie I want to watch on Valentine’s Day!

 xoxo, Becca


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