date night: ice skating

Wes is nearly 25 years old and until our most recent double-date, had never been ice-skating. It’s nearly as absurd as the fact that I have never been sledding. (We need to brush up on our winter sports, apparently!) Anyway, our adventure-on-ice was the most fun we’d had on a date in a long time! It helped that our double-date couple, Brittany and Joe, were good sports and equally challenged on the ice.

I asked Wes if we could hold hands while we skated and he said absolutely not. He was sure our skates would clash and he would lose it and take me down with him. And I’m rather graceful on the ice for only being a second-timer, so I couldn’t have him tarnishing my image.

None of us took a tumble, I’m happy to report. All though I think the next time we go it’ll happen as we get more confident…it’s all part of the experience, right?!

xoxo, cat


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