good cook/bad cook

I am a good cook. I really am. At least I think so, and Wes would probably agree. But every now and then I have a recipe flop. And we’re not talking about a little flop. No, no. I flop hard.

Take, for instance, a delicious looking eggplant and zucchini casserole. I promise I followed the directions, but at some point everything in the casserole lost its texture and it turned into a 9×13 full of baby food.

Then there was an attempt at vegan sloppy joes. This was my first time cooking lentils, and I made the mistake of adding more lentils to the pot after the original quantity was about half way through cooking (who DOES that?!). Needless to say we had equal parts lentil mush burgers and crunch burgers. And it pretty much just tasted like paprika.

Next we have my quinoa and orzo pilaf that ended up tasting like ketchup and rice. And it also assumed the shape of any dish you put it in. So it was kind of like a ketchup and rice overcooked risotto soup.

And finally, we have my most recent blunder: a vegan lasagna. I was surprised to find how terrible the first batch turned out, because it was a Food Network recipe! It was just really watery…probably from overly juicy tomatoes from the homemade sauce and not pressing enough water out of the tofu. The second time around, I tried to fix that, but the lasagna still couldn’t stay together. My next attempt will include melty vegan mozzarella throughout the entire dish (absent in the first try, only on top on the second) to try and bind the layers a bit better. Unfortunately, I may have to put that off until next year, because there is still lasagna in our fridge and we are still trying to eat it. And be we I mean Wes. He’s such a trooper.

Anyway, this is all to say that sometimes I just get stuck with a horrible case of the cooking blues! I suppose I should be pleased that for the last two years, the time during which I have begun practicing vegetarianism, I’ve only had four majorly inedible dishes. And the lasagna is edible–It’s just a little floppy and wet.

Meh. Whenever I reattempt a failed dish and fail again, I tend to take a little break from the kitchen. I told Wes to start hitting up the salad bar at the grocery store for lunch. 🙂


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