this week in: before and afters

I just recovered from the Holidays. I tried so so so hard to leave the house tidy before we traveled home for Christmas but we were in the middle of so many projects that it just didn’t happened. This resulted in the Clutter Apocalypse of 2012/2013. And the week spent on getting Goodbye Bernadette up and running didn’t help the (un-)tidiness factor! I purged a lot of stuff, disposed of the Christmas tree Kitty Meow completely demolished while we were gone, and reorganized some closets and cabinets throughout the house. I even have almost all of the holiday decorations put away!

Yay. I can breathe again. My “creative process” can sometimes take over the entire house, but there is always a point where I have to stop, straighten my environment, and then get back to work. Now onto more projects!

Ooh! And I’m so glad I had a tidy little apartment to bring this floral embroidery back to:

It was my only find during a recent flea market trip! I love it.

Oh! And can you spot Kitty Meow in the second picture? She’s there!




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