styled: winter layers


Can you guess what happened in dear old Springfield recently? It snowed! It was quite the surprise, at least for me; I never check the forecast when I begin my day, so you can imagine how I reacted to seeing white flakes fall from the sky. I like snow in theory but when it actually happens I prefer to stay in doors and never once come into contact with it.

However, this time, I’m glad it snowed because it got me thinking about clothes.

If you passed me on the street during the winter months everyday for a week you would probably see me in the same outfit: my jeans, a camisole, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt. In a word, frumpy!

When it’s cold outside I want to be bundled up and comfy, something that ¬†dressing up doesn’t always afford. I wanted to change that, so I headed to my closet and tried to maintain the theme of warm layers without looking like Hagrid.

dress/Forever 21, boots/Minnetonka, blazer/Forever 21, sweater/Forever 21, leggings/Wal-Mart, coat/thrifted

I think I struck gold. What do you think?

xoxo, Becca


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