cranberry & clementine tea

When the weather turns dreary, piping hot tea is my go-to for toasty warmth and comfort. I love all kinds of tea, especially flavored black teas. One of my favorites is St. Dalfour Golden Peach Tea, but I recently decided to try and flavor my own.
Since this wasn’t something I planned ahead of time, I made do with what was in the kitchen which happened to be cranberries and clementines! It turned out really delicious.

Here is what I did:

Bring 4 cups of water to a boil; then add 12 cranberries and the peel of two clementines. Boil until the cranberries start to split apart.

Next, strain your flavored water, and then pour over your tea. I used PG Tips Black Tea. Add some garnish for color and more flavor!

How yummy is that?


xoxo, Becca


One thought on “cranberry & clementine tea

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