Hello, everyone!

Well, the holidays are over, a new year has begun, and the time has come for our 2013 Resolutions! You can refer back to this post throughout the year to see our progress…we’re hoping this will help keep us accountable to our numerous, lofty ambitions!

I don’t come by organization, lists, or planning naturally: normally, I prefer to wing it and see what happens. I do, however, love to make New Year’s Resolutions. Embarking on a new year is incredibly inspiring, and I am super excited to see what this year has in store for me in my life and right here on Goodbye Bernadette!

Here is a list of my goals:


1. explore Springfield
2. start budgeting
3. take more photographs
4. get to the salon
5. fast from electronics for a weekend
6. make more time for reading


1. learn to alter thrifted and vintage clothing
2. crochet a baby blanket


1. obtain GED
2. explore options for college


1. purge belongings
2. organize closet
3. thrift some bookshelves


1. practice yoga more often
2. drink less soda and more water
3. work towards becoming vegan

When it comes to making New Year’s resolutions I usually make a few broad goals and then forget about them a few weeks into January. This year, I have decided to come up with as many goals as possible, in all areas of my life. I want to have plenty of things to choose from and have given myself permission to not complete everything, but to strive towards progress on as many goals possible.

Here are my goals for 2013:


1. establish a morning routine
2. listen to more music
3. make time for friends
4. become a better budgeter
5. organize files from a few old laptops and hardrives
6. get to the salon and have my hair did
7. limit TV watching
8. curate library


1. develop ideas for an Etsy store
2. make a quilt
3. make some new kitchen towels
4. spray paint a large accumulation of thrifts that I intended to update with a can of Krylon


1.procrastinate less
2. limit mental health days (read: skips) for seated classes to three per class


1. work on organizing and decorating bedroom
2. develop a home cookbook
3. buy a bookshelf
4. fix Wes’ standing desk (there’s a story in that…)
5. reupholster my living room chairs


1. limit Coca-Cola and drink more H2O
2. train for a half-marathon
3. eat a fresh salad a day
4. try a new food 1x/month


1. take more pictures of Wes and I
2. have more date nights
3. make my wedding scrapbook


(these are joint goals between Becca and I!)

1. develop workflows for blog scheduling and photo storage
2. manage social media a bit better
3. continue to work on developing our site’s layout


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