on packing up and moving out

Relocating is an extremely exciting prospect, but packing is such a hassle! Who knew? Not I, because the last time I moved I was ten, and my mom did all the packing: my room, C’s room, her room, the kitchen, living room, dining room, garage – um, thank you, but no dice.  I only have my bedroom to pack; I certainly can’t imagine an entire house!

(Mom, you are awesome for having done that on your own.)

So, where in the world am I heading off to? Springfield, of course! Yes, the Big Move is finally happening! And in preparation for it, the past month has been a fast blur of tests (the GED and the ACT), car repairs, packing, cleaning, and more packing.

In a word, my life has gone barmy.  It’s also very stressful. But this week is almost over and when it ends, I’ll be navigating my life in a city.  

So exciting, so fun, kind of scary! 

I have two more days in the house I’ve lived in since I was ten, and then I’m off to take Springfield by storm, which is totally a bittersweet feeling. It’s going to be horribly sad to leave my mom and since I’m the last bird to depart the nest, well, you can imagine how my mom will feel.

However, even with our unavoidable separation looming, Saturday absolutely cannot arrive fast enough, although, with that in mind, I probably ought to finish packing…

See you in the South!

xo, Bea



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