Monthly Archives: July 2012

pause for summer

I am sooooooo looking forward to the weekend. A mere six Mondays ago I was tying up lose ends before I started summer classes. It has been a whirlwind six weeks, and I am so glad that my math class is over. I learned so much, but it was the most intense summer class I have ever taken. Three hour lectures four days a week with numerous hours of homework and supplementary videos to deal with outside of class. I’m sighing with relief now that it’s over! I still have another class to wrap up, but I’m excited to have about 5 hours of my day back to myself. I’m especially looking forward to more time with friends (read: fulfilling our Sno-Cone addiction with our favorite Double Date, Whitney and Colin), chats with Wes, and just being able to bathe more frequently relax a little.

xoxo cat