summer reading list: bloom

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Book one of my Summer 2012 Reading List was a great read. Bloom is a lovely story about a mom named Kelle and her beautiful family. When it begins, Kelle is pregnant with her second baby–a baby girl named Nella. When Nella is born, she is as precious as the older sister (Lainey) that came before her. But, shortly after she arrives, her mama discovers that Nella has Down syndrome.

The story journeys through Nella’s first year of life, as mom learns how to love her new daughter, and let go of the baby she had imagined while she was pregnant. She tackles so many emotions: forgiving herself for not feeling how she was “supposed” to feel when Nella was placed in her arms; wondering whether she should introduce her girl with “This is Nella, and she has Down’s”; and realizing that big sis Lainey will always love Nella just the way she is.

This book couldn’t have come at a better–or a worse–time. Terrible timing, simply because I have Baby Fever. Like, bad. And when I baby-sat my best friend’s adorable 3 month old, Wes confessed that after watching me with her, he might of caught The Bug too. But, alas–no babies for us for a while.

On the other hand, this book was just what I needed during a time where I felt as though my life was never going to turn out the way I expected to be. Kelle and Nella’s story helped me remember that life is unpredictable, but always beautiful, and that my journey will be worthwhile too.

xoxo, cat

ps: you should check out Kelle’s blog, Enjoying the Small Things!


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