it’s the first day of school . . .

. . . and this is what I’m wearing!

This outfit was inspired by a feature called Open to Interpretation on a fabulous blog called Freckles in April. In this feature, blogger Kayla encourages some awesome creativity by posting an inspirational outfit (hello, Pinterest!) and then interprets it with pieces from her own closet. This week readers are able to participate by linking up their interpretations from pics posted by Kayla and two other bloggers. Thursday we’ll be interpreting an outfit submitted by a reader, and Friday is interpret your own!

So yeah, this outfit is my interpretation of this photo:

photo from North Meets South

It was a really interesting process, and out of the first three outfits I’ve put together, this was the hardest for me. I started out with skinny jeans and a top that screamed rockabilly. It was cute, but I felt like I was all hips in it. I kept adjusting it. And I am low maintenance when it comes to outfits, so I knew it wasn’t going to work. So keeping with the most striking element (for me, the shoes) I kept trying and trying and trying! Finally, I found a great combination with a ruffled blouse from Charlotte Russe, a vintage skirt and scarf from my granny, and sneakers from Urban Outfitters. My favorite part? The fact that both the shoes and the scarf have a floral pattern, that coordinate in color but differ in size!

Sneakers will be perfect for trekking it across campus tomorrow, since I’m officially a commuter student and have to park on the far side of Mars.

xoxo cat


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