instagram photo reel // colorado


We snooze so expertly in the back seat!

Wes doen’t do so great when it comes to catching zzz’s on the go.

Fun water tower! We thought it was a hot air balloon from afar.

We snagged a couple of mood rings during a pee break. Blue means happy!

The Jones Girls are back in Colorful Colorado!

Peach rings: a road trip must.

221 West Platte Avenue. Our house from very long ago!

Mountains on a hazy travelin’ day.

Our dearest 10 year old nephew. Love him!

Sweethearts. Absolutely had to take a photo in front of the “read telephone box”!

Our favorite (only!) brother and our lovely cousin Carrie!

Granny’s birthday flamingos.

Bea with the Birthday Girl and a dog named Patsy!

Our Colorado trip to celebrate our Granny’s 90th birthday was a success! We returned to Missouri last weekend. I don’t know about Bea, but I’ve spent most of the week unpacking, catching up on sleep, and organizing all of the beautiful heirlooms Granny sent home with us. We had so so so much fun! It was a most fabulous time catching up with family I haven’t seen in ages. I hope you enjoyed our photos!



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