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summer reading list: bloom

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Book one of my Summer 2012 Reading List was a great read. Bloom is a lovely story about a mom named Kelle and her beautiful family. When it begins, Kelle is pregnant with her second baby–a baby girl named Nella. When Nella is born, she is as precious as the older sister (Lainey) that came before her. But, shortly after she arrives, her mama discovers that Nella has Down syndrome.

The story journeys through Nella’s first year of life, as mom learns how to love her new daughter, and let go of the baby she had imagined while she was pregnant. She tackles so many emotions: forgiving herself for not feeling how she was “supposed” to feel when Nella was placed in her arms; wondering whether she should introduce her girl with “This is Nella, and she has Down’s”; and realizing that big sis Lainey will always love Nella just the way she is.

This book couldn’t have come at a better–or a worse–time. Terrible timing, simply because I have Baby Fever. Like, bad. And when I baby-sat my best friend’s adorable 3 month old, Wes confessed that after watching me with her, he might of caught The Bug too. But, alas–no babies for us for a while.

On the other hand, this book was just what I needed during a time where I felt as though my life was never going to turn out the way I expected to be. Kelle and Nella’s story helped me remember that life is unpredictable, but always beautiful, and that my journey will be worthwhile too.

xoxo, cat

ps: you should check out Kelle’s blog, Enjoying the Small Things!


flashback #2 // a peek into my diaries from yesteryear

Here it is, friends: the second installment of a series where I share tidbits from journals I kept during some of the most awkward times of my life.

Before we take a dive into the mind of a pubescent, I’d like to share with you a recent awkward moment:

Honk if you love dance team captains!

Yep. That’s me in the top right corner. With white eyeshadow I thought added a touch of Gaga but turned out to look more like a sunglasses tan. This is really just to remind myself that I will likely be perpetually awkward in all that I do. I’m starting to embrace this part of myself, and accept that I’m pretty much just a late bloomer!

Anyway, the first installment of this little series, which you can read here, was inspired by a lovely little diary I kept in grade school. But this one, my friends, is going to be a real treat, straight from the mouth of a fourteen year old. I’m still recovering from perusing this particular journal, by the way!

Let us begin . . .


Bare with me journal I’m not good at keeping diaries. Are you my journal or diary? Journal. Diary is too girly, and I won’t say Dear Diary or Dear Journal cuz that’s just annoying and it gives me goosebumps. So anyway Donegal and I are writing a X-Men II version of our own. It pretty cool.

I’m moving in 20 days. Sad but sweet–bittersweet.

I love my handwriting.

Anyway, gotta go, I’m getting pooped!

(I think I might still have that Composition Notebook with our “screenplay”. Complete with illustrations. I might have to burn it.)


This is my super-sexy-star list (S.S.S):

Hayden Christiansen

Apolo Anton Ohno

James Marsden

Heath Ledger

Tobey Maguire

Vin Diesel

Ashton Kutcher

Sean William Scott

I’ll add more tomorrow!


(I shared this entry with Wes and he asked “Who the heck is Sean William Scott?” When I simply replied “Stifler,” all Wes could say was “Oh my God.”)


Moxie: use in place of “cool”.

(You can also substitute the name Catherine for the word “cool”. Seriously)


Haven’t written in a while!

So we finished packing and we have moved to Missouri. More like Misery.

Except 4 1 thing.

And his name is Andrew Adkison. He’s the first cute guy I’ve seen in 2 weeks!

(He was a cute dude. No really, he was, and I know this because my ENTIRE diary talks about it.)

Yikes. There are many more entries, but they all go something like this: “So and so is sooo cute, but I’m dating so and so right now.” Can you say boy obsessed!? I had a fabulous vocabulary, too, using words like “pining” and . . . “butthole”. I have to admit, I’d start reading some entries and shout “Oohhhh gurrrrl!” and quickly slam the entry shut. Consensus: I was dorky, pimply, and I did not have it all figured out. But I know I wasn’t the only one.

You we’re like that too, right?



xoxo cat

it’s the first day of school . . .

. . . and this is what I’m wearing!

This outfit was inspired by a feature called Open to Interpretation on a fabulous blog called Freckles in April. In this feature, blogger Kayla encourages some awesome creativity by posting an inspirational outfit (hello, Pinterest!) and then interprets it with pieces from her own closet. This week readers are able to participate by linking up their interpretations from pics posted by Kayla and two other bloggers. Thursday we’ll be interpreting an outfit submitted by a reader, and Friday is interpret your own!

So yeah, this outfit is my interpretation of this photo:

photo from North Meets South

It was a really interesting process, and out of the first three outfits I’ve put together, this was the hardest for me. I started out with skinny jeans and a top that screamed rockabilly. It was cute, but I felt like I was all hips in it. I kept adjusting it. And I am low maintenance when it comes to outfits, so I knew it wasn’t going to work. So keeping with the most striking element (for me, the shoes) I kept trying and trying and trying! Finally, I found a great combination with a ruffled blouse from Charlotte Russe, a vintage skirt and scarf from my granny, and sneakers from Urban Outfitters. My favorite part? The fact that both the shoes and the scarf have a floral pattern, that coordinate in color but differ in size!

Sneakers will be perfect for trekking it across campus tomorrow, since I’m officially a commuter student and have to park on the far side of Mars.

xoxo cat

photo of the week

We have been extremely busy with all things school. Bea’s been studying super hard in preparation for the GED and I have been running around Springfield trying to get my eggs in a row (textbooks, ID’s, parking passes, oh my!) before my classes at Missouri State start on Monday. But, we have a great line up of things to share with you for the rest of this month, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I’d like to share this gem with you:

The burning question, of course, is what did our photographer (Wes!) say to elicit these expressions?

Okay, and the other question is what is up with my granny glasses? Not sure if I’m pulling those ones off… 🙂

xoxox cat

summer reading 2012

I have a good stack of books ready to be devoured this summer! It includes many novels from my own collection that I have yet to read and a couple of new books. Eleven in total! I might intersperse this bunch with the Agatha Christie mystery novels–I read all of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series last summer, so I think I should keep up the summer mystery tradition.

As the summer goes by, I’ll write a snippet about each book I read, so perhaps you’ll come across something you’d be interested in reading, too! Or, reference my list below and read along with me.

Summer 2012 Reading List

Bloom by Kelle Hampton (currently reading!)

Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman

The Postcard Killers by James Patterson (currently reading!)

100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed by Melissa P.

One Day by David Nicholls

Eve Spoke by Philip Lieberman

The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje

Time After Time by Allen Appel

The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown (currently reading!)

Labyrinth by Kate Mosse

My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares

So looking forward to all of these!

xoxo cat

instagram photo reel // colorado


We snooze so expertly in the back seat!

Wes doen’t do so great when it comes to catching zzz’s on the go.

Fun water tower! We thought it was a hot air balloon from afar.

We snagged a couple of mood rings during a pee break. Blue means happy!

The Jones Girls are back in Colorful Colorado!

Peach rings: a road trip must.

221 West Platte Avenue. Our house from very long ago!

Mountains on a hazy travelin’ day.

Our dearest 10 year old nephew. Love him!

Sweethearts. Absolutely had to take a photo in front of the “read telephone box”!

Our favorite (only!) brother and our lovely cousin Carrie!

Granny’s birthday flamingos.

Bea with the Birthday Girl and a dog named Patsy!

Our Colorado trip to celebrate our Granny’s 90th birthday was a success! We returned to Missouri last weekend. I don’t know about Bea, but I’ve spent most of the week unpacking, catching up on sleep, and organizing all of the beautiful heirlooms Granny sent home with us. We had so so so much fun! It was a most fabulous time catching up with family I haven’t seen in ages. I hope you enjoyed our photos!