the evolution of the-boy-who-lived

I rented The Woman in Black yesterday afternoon. I thought it looked good, and I figured with the PG-13 rating, it wouldn’t scare me too much. Boy, was I ever wrong. But you see, I have a very low threshold for horror, gore,  and slasher films. Very low. Like, so low I get a stomach ache after watching one and I can’t eat for a few days (hello, Resident Evil), or I can’t sleep from all the nightmares (hello, Rose Red).

People, I was biting my nails in fear. I held my iPad in front of my face to get through the suspenseful parts. I may have stuck my fingers in my ears at one point to drown out the noise.  In a word, I’m a chicken.

But I digress.

I made the decision to see it because Daniel Radcliffe stars in it. You remember him, right? That kid who played that other kid from that semi-famous book, Harry Potter?


I was hoping against hope that this movie would help him make the transition from Child Actor to Leading Man. I really didn’t want him to be forever thought of as The-Boy-Who-Lived which would mean no career for him and I want to see him in more movies because I truly adore him.  (Shh! I had the biggest crush on him when I was twelve. That’s when The Chamber of Secrets came out. I thought him soooo handsome in that movie!)

I think The Woman in Black was just the ticket, or rather, a nice starting point. I didn’t think about Harry Potter at all throughout the entire film, he’s changed so much.

He plays an attorney, Arthur Kipps, who is sent to a village to settle the estate of a deceased woman. He ends up uncovering a secret the townspeople have tried to keep from him, a deadly secret about the woman in black who haunts the village and the children who live there…

Let me reiterate: this movie scared me out of my breeches. And even though I’m not likely to watch it again (like, ever) it was pretty darn good.

If you’re like me and respond to scary movies in a negative way but want to watch The Woman in Black, don’t do what I did which was A. watch it AT NIGHT, AND IN THE DARK, and B. watch it ALONE, AT NIGHT AND IN THE DARK.

Otherwise, you’ll be just fine.

xo, bea


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