colorado bound!

We are celebrating my granny’s 90th birthday this weekend, so the family and I ship out for my home state of Colorado tomorrow! While my granny (along with many cousins, aunts, and uncles) visited during my wedding last year (!), I haven’t been out to see them in the great state of CO since I was a junior in HIGH SCHOOL. Nearly seven years! I am so very excited. My only wish was that we could stay more than just the weekend!

I started getting ready for the trip today–cleaning, laundering, and packing . . . packing light, since Granny fully intends on sending us back to Missouri with trinkets and vintage from her home. As such, here are the outfits I intend to wear:

Vest, Necklaces, and Earrings: thrifted. Blouse, Jeans & Handbag: Forever 21. Shoes: Charlotte Russe.

I came up with this outfit during my trip to Chicago. It’s tried and true, stylish and comfortable. Perfect for riding in the car and taking cute snaps along the way! Out fit includes new jewelry I snagged for cheap at an estate sale last weekend. Estate sales are quickly becoming my most favorite way to thrift!

Tee and Handbag: Forever 21. Skirt: Top Shop. Shoes: some outlet in Branson, MO. Belt: thrifted. Bangle: from my sister?

For Granny’s party, I decided to wear my brand new Top Shop skirt! It’s the perfect length, with just the right amount of “let’s party” flounce. My favorite part is the vintage gold belt!

Tee & Jeans: Forever 21. Earrings: Charlotte Russe. Scarf: thrifted from Classified Fashions in Springfield, MO. Shoes: Urban Outfitters.

I expect to be fully knackered on the trip back to Missouri. Comfort over style, please! Soft jeans and soft tee will provide just that–giant earrings, not so much, but what’s a girl to do? (Take them of during nap-time, of course!)

You can be sure that Bea and I will be posting during the trip–we have our Instagram apps ready!

I can’t wait to see my family!

xoxo Cat


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