good things!

Some fabulous things have happened recently, and I absolutely wanted to share them with you!

Number One

Number Two

I started reading a fantastic book.

photo c/o

The author, Kelle, has a lovely blog, too!

Number Three

I recently achieved my personal best (10:42) for the mile!

Wes and I after last year’s Turkey Trot!

Number Four

I began registration for classes for my Teacher Certification. (Curious about that? Read this!) It started out as a fiasco and a half. I applied late, so when it came time to register many classes were full. Add that to the fact that my customized class sequence begins with a few classes that are pre-requisites for EVERYTHING . . . I was basically at a stand still, with one class scheduled for summer and one class scheduled for fall.

This caused quite the panic–so much so that I was in tears one night blubbering to Wes that “everyone else I know is already done with school or in graduate school or has a great job, and I’m going to be like FORTY FIVE when it’s a good time for us to have babies, and we’re going to live in this janky apartment forever and ever!”

Wise ole Wes assured me that everything would be okay and it would all work out.

And guess what? It did! New sections of classes were added as others filled up (I didn’t know big schools did that–I went to a tiny private school for undergrad!), my supervisor allowed some flexibility in my schedule at work, and some professors let me into classes that were already full!

Now, by the time Spring semester rolls around, I’ll have nearly 20 hours knocked out and I’ll be eligible for full acceptance to the program.


Good things happen every day! And it’s so important to recognize and celebrate that. What fabulous things have happened to you lately?

xo times a million, cat


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