mother’s day memories // part one

Oh how I wish I could spend this day with my mommy! I miss her ever so. Thankfully, we will be together again soon, because at the end of the month we’ll be road tripping it to Colorado to celebrate her mommy’s 90th birthday!

Today, I put together a little gift that I plan on giving her when I see her. This craft reminds me a lot of the humble trinkets my sister and I would present to our mom on this special day in years past. Growing up, it was just us Jones girls, so Bea and I rarely had someone to take us shopping for a surprise for mom. So, we got creative! One year, we made a doll out of gold pipe cleaners and bedecked her in a skirt of red fringe. Another year, we collected a handful of the prettiest rocks we could find on the playground during recess. We truly do love our mommy!

I set out to the flea markets to find a little something something that would inspire a craft. I came across the most adorable mini vase. So, I decided to whip up some homemade flowers with which to fill it!

What you need: wooden skewers or floral wire, some pretty buttons, hot glue, and a fun vase!

While my glue gun heated up, I cut my skewers to size. Kitchen scissors worked great for this!

Next, I paired up my buttons. Nestling a small button onto a larger one makes an adorable little flower!

Hot glue those babies together!

I paired the buttons with a skewer, taking the diameter of the buttons and height of the stems into consideration. Scale, scale, scale!

Hot glue a stem to the back of each flower.


I am just IN LOVE with BLUE right now! And it happens to be my mom’s favorite color, too. Orange + blue = complimentary colors!

Next up, Mother’s Day memories from Bea!

xoxo, catherine


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