these are a few of my favorite things // bea

Everyone has a favorite shape that they absolutely adore, right? Well, I love hearts, and I’m always looking for items (clothes, earrings, shoes, even kitchenware) that are decked out in heart a or two. Continue on below to see what I ‘heart’!

I actually bought these a few days ago!

photo c/o Fred Flare

I desperately want this headband!

photo c/o Giant Dwarf

These are just too precious.

photo c/o Toujours Toi Jewelry

There is a ridge inside the cups so that when you pour a liquid into them, it forms a heart! So cute, and some day, I will have a set.

photo c/o ShopRuche

This would definitely be fun to own!

photo c/o ModCloth

A heart-shaped spatula: need I say more?

photo c/o BeeHive Kitchenware

xo, bea


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