of vicissitude and celebration

The celebration of May 1st, known as Beltane among Pagans, was a festival  that began with the Celtic tribes of Western Europe.  To the Celts, Beltane symbolized  fertility and the coming of Spring: flowers bloom, the weather begins to  warm, and little baby lambies and bunnies are born. Celebratory customs during this festival include bonfires, the Maypole, general dancing, and my favorite custom, ‘Bringing in the May’: in Medieval times people would head to the woods on the eve of Beltane to gather greenery and flowers to bedeck their friends, family, and themselves with!

Since spring is our favorite season (well, except for summer, fall, and winter), we decided to celebrate and reflect on what we love about this season: rejuvenation, inspiration, and growth!

rejuvenate-by bea

As the weather changes, I find that my appetite changes with it, and all of the the heavy foods I consumed during the colder months (mashed potatoes!) no longer hold any appeal to me. Instead, my juicer comes out of hiding, the cookies go back on the shelf, and yummy fruits and vegetables find their way into my refrigerator. Today on May 1st, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate way of bringing in the May than with a revitalizing smoothie! The combinations are endless but I decided tradition was in order so I came home with kiwi’s, mangoes, and strawberries.

I used ten strawberries, three kiwis, and one mango. After I pureed the fruit and taste-tested the drink, I thought it was bit too sour so I added 1 tablespoon of coconut milk which sweetened it right up! I placed two sprigs of mint in my drink because mint blends wonderfully with the flavors of the fruit I chose. Yum!

inspire-by cat

Everything about this time of the year inspires me. It’s just a feeling I get, from my toes to my nose. I always feel like giving everything I can to be the best I can be. Sweatpants go to the back of the drawer, I spring clean the entire house, and wrap up the 22 projects I started during the winter months and never finished. It’s a fabulous time of productivity!

My favorite thing to do this time of year is head to the corner store and pick out a few magazines. Home decor, fashion, and cooking are my favorites, and at the change of the season, it’s fun to get excited about new trends, new DIYs for the house, and fresh recipes! This season, I expect to peruse Pinterest a lot, and I’d like to expand on the number of different blogs I regularly read.

I heart Zooey Deschanel.

grow-by cat

Although it’s tempting to lounge around Pinterest during all of my free time, not doing something with all of that newfound motivation is a total waste of potential! I try to harness this spring-spiration in a variety of ways:

lists: I’m notorious for my list making. I’ll come home from work with a bagillion sticky notes in my pocket with all kinds of things I want to remember. To do lists are my favorite. Must do’s of my day include blogging, working, and a little relaxing in front of the TV, so I like to “to-do list” interchangeable things like meetings or chores. I also like using a custom made grocery list I found here at Design*Sponge. I use the “menu grocery list”–it’s so helpful with healthy meal planning and budgeting!

journals: I journaled A LOT when I was a kid. I still have most of them, and it’s so fun (and sometimes terribly embarrassing) to see what was important to me when I was 8, 12, or 15. These days, I keep a journal specifically for collecting ideas and inspiration for Cee Cee and the Bea, and would consider the blog itself to be a journal! One idea I want to implement in my life: keeping seasonal journals and travel journals like those from A Beautiful Mess.

I was tempted to buy numerous blank journals from this selection at Target!

goal setting: I like to make grand scale outlines that are designed to help me reach a particular goal. These broader to-do lists that keep track of long term dreams, like improving my fitness or earning my teaching certificate.

I’m a very visual person, so it’s important for me to keep these goals where I can see them. So, one of my upcoming projects will include putting together a vision board above my desk. It’ll be a great place to pin notes and words that actually outline my goal as well as visual items like magazine clippings, newspaper articles, motivation from friends and family, and snapshots of milestones!

Today is the day for renewal and fertility for the heart, mind, and earth- love, friendship, and an overall sense of new abound on this day with the magic of Spring in our corner. Let’s embrace these feelings in ways befitting the beautiful festival that is May Day!


bea and cat


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