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wedded bliss: year one

Today is our first wedding anniversary! (Me and Wes’. Not me and Bea’s. But you knew that.)

I have been trying, albeit not very hard, to find time to put together our wedding scrapbook. To be honest, I’m not one who’s big on tears, so I’ve been avoiding it like the plague! We’ve most definitely gone through wedding photos, but I just can’t quite sift through all of the little memories from the big day. It was a very emotional one.

However, being the day that it is, I thought it would be appropriate to go through our guest book. We made a time capsule of sorts–we had guests sign their names and leave a sentiment on a piece of paper, with the knowledge that we would be opening the capsule and reading their words one year later. Well, it’s one year later, and we have done just that! Here are some of our favorites:

“Yes, Dear.”

“You guys are amazing and I love you so much! You are going to have beautiful, smart children no doubt!

“Wesley, I hope you don’t touch your nose and have your teeth come out when you get married, because that’s the way Grandpap used to do it.” (just want everyone to know that Wes does not have dentures. Yet.)

“Always remember the special moments and cherish them every day!”

“I had lost faith in true love (the forever kind) until today. You two were truly meant for each other. I look forward to watching you grow old together (and I don’t mean that in a creepy way). Remember to always find something to laugh at. I love you both dearly.”

“Yes it is a windy day but as the winds of life blows you to and fro, as long as you truly love and believe in each other and your love you will never be blown apart.”

*imnotgoingtocry, i’mnotgoingtocry, i’mnotgoingtocry*

We were so truly blessed to be surrounded by so many beautiful people on our special day. And following one’s instructions, here’s something to laugh at:

Today, we are going to spend some time together at one of our favorite little cafés. And perhaps soon, I’ll be able to muster the courage to re-read those tiny scraps of paper we read to each other on that windy day on a farm in Missouri–and start that scrapbook! (More comprehensive posts on my wedding to follow, for sure!)

xoxo, cat




the evolution of the-boy-who-lived

I rented The Woman in Black yesterday afternoon. I thought it looked good, and I figured with the PG-13 rating, it wouldn’t scare me too much. Boy, was I ever wrong. But you see, I have a very low threshold for horror, gore,  and slasher films. Very low. Like, so low I get a stomach ache after watching one and I can’t eat for a few days (hello, Resident Evil), or I can’t sleep from all the nightmares (hello, Rose Red).

People, I was biting my nails in fear. I held my iPad in front of my face to get through the suspenseful parts. I may have stuck my fingers in my ears at one point to drown out the noise.  In a word, I’m a chicken.

But I digress.

I made the decision to see it because Daniel Radcliffe stars in it. You remember him, right? That kid who played that other kid from that semi-famous book, Harry Potter?


I was hoping against hope that this movie would help him make the transition from Child Actor to Leading Man. I really didn’t want him to be forever thought of as The-Boy-Who-Lived which would mean no career for him and I want to see him in more movies because I truly adore him.  (Shh! I had the biggest crush on him when I was twelve. That’s when The Chamber of Secrets came out. I thought him soooo handsome in that movie!)

I think The Woman in Black was just the ticket, or rather, a nice starting point. I didn’t think about Harry Potter at all throughout the entire film, he’s changed so much.

He plays an attorney, Arthur Kipps, who is sent to a village to settle the estate of a deceased woman. He ends up uncovering a secret the townspeople have tried to keep from him, a deadly secret about the woman in black who haunts the village and the children who live there…

Let me reiterate: this movie scared me out of my breeches. And even though I’m not likely to watch it again (like, ever) it was pretty darn good.

If you’re like me and respond to scary movies in a negative way but want to watch The Woman in Black, don’t do what I did which was A. watch it AT NIGHT, AND IN THE DARK, and B. watch it ALONE, AT NIGHT AND IN THE DARK.

Otherwise, you’ll be just fine.

xo, bea

colorado bound!

We are celebrating my granny’s 90th birthday this weekend, so the family and I ship out for my home state of Colorado tomorrow! While my granny (along with many cousins, aunts, and uncles) visited during my wedding last year (!), I haven’t been out to see them in the great state of CO since I was a junior in HIGH SCHOOL. Nearly seven years! I am so very excited. My only wish was that we could stay more than just the weekend!

I started getting ready for the trip today–cleaning, laundering, and packing . . . packing light, since Granny fully intends on sending us back to Missouri with trinkets and vintage from her home. As such, here are the outfits I intend to wear:

Vest, Necklaces, and Earrings: thrifted. Blouse, Jeans & Handbag: Forever 21. Shoes: Charlotte Russe.

I came up with this outfit during my trip to Chicago. It’s tried and true, stylish and comfortable. Perfect for riding in the car and taking cute snaps along the way! Out fit includes new jewelry I snagged for cheap at an estate sale last weekend. Estate sales are quickly becoming my most favorite way to thrift!

Tee and Handbag: Forever 21. Skirt: Top Shop. Shoes: some outlet in Branson, MO. Belt: thrifted. Bangle: from my sister?

For Granny’s party, I decided to wear my brand new Top Shop skirt! It’s the perfect length, with just the right amount of “let’s party” flounce. My favorite part is the vintage gold belt!

Tee & Jeans: Forever 21. Earrings: Charlotte Russe. Scarf: thrifted from Classified Fashions in Springfield, MO. Shoes: Urban Outfitters.

I expect to be fully knackered on the trip back to Missouri. Comfort over style, please! Soft jeans and soft tee will provide just that–giant earrings, not so much, but what’s a girl to do? (Take them of during nap-time, of course!)

You can be sure that Bea and I will be posting during the trip–we have our Instagram apps ready!

I can’t wait to see my family!

xoxo Cat

flashback #1 // a peek into my diaries from yesteryear

I love documentation. I love having things on hand that spark memories of a particular time in my life, especially those times that included a lot of personal growth or challenges. I saved my finals week to-do list my senior year of college because it was an extremely difficult/emotional/academically challenging period–and one that I look back on with an “I can do anything!”

You’d think I’d be an avid scrapbooker, but no–my heart has mostly been with journaling. My only wish is that I had spent more time during my 23 years writing in a little notebook about anything I like. Especially during college. But I do have a few diaries in my keepsake box that span from elementary through about 8th grade. Let me tell you: they are a riot.

So, Dear Readers, I give you fair warning: what you’re about to read might be will most definitely be embarrassing. It might remind you of your own years of bad outfits, pimples, crushes and driver’s ed. You may cringe. You may cry. You may throw up in your mouth a little bit. Turn back if you must! Because the following three part series will consist of  none other than word-for-word snippets from a few of my very own journals.

We’ll begin with a sweet Whinnie the Pooh number–my diary kept in 4th grade as part of a writing exercise for class. Entires begin with “Dear Mrs. Gugat” (my lovely teacher) or “Dear Nacho Dog” (my dog named…Nacho). And what follows are gems like these (misspellings and all!):

August 31, 1998

Dear Mrs. Gugat,

In the first week of school, I had lots of fun, beacause we had NO cursive, unless you wanted to write that way. Pluse we got to play a lot of games. Besides, you were easy on us. Doesn’t a teacher have to be the first week of school?


Catherine Jones

(Wouldn’t you like to go back to the days when having to learn cursive was your biggest problem?!)

October 2, 1998

Dear Nacho Dog,

Today at Cross Orchards we saw lots of things. After we went to Cross Orchards we went to Lincoln Park and ate lunch, then we played a little while. Then we went to the Museum of Western Colorado. We had a scavenger hunt. Then we learned all about Alfred Packard and how he was accused of murder.

Bye Nacho Dog!

(If I recall, Alfred Packard was accused of cannibalism. Totally different.)

Dar Nacho Dog,

Yesterday was the weekend, and I bought a new sweater vest. I was $10.47. I bought it with my own allowance. I already had $7.00, and my (insert illegible word here) allowance was five, so I had $2.00 left.

By Nacho Dog!

(Um. Mom? About that allowance. Can I have it back?)

Dear Nacho Dog,

If I could change one thing about my classroom I would change it because the boys are mean. I would have all the boys go to boarding school and all the girls in fourth grade come to my classroom. So then no boys that are good at tetherball wouldn’t be able to beat any of the girls. I’d also make them go to boarding school so we wouldn’t have to sit by them. I wish boys were in boarding school to start with.

Bye Nacho Dog.

(That one got a “Nice Job” from Mrs. Gugat!)

Dear Diary Dear Diary

I show my mom that I love her by helping her with the house cleaning and helping my sister with her homework and I clean up Nacho’s pee and feed him. I also show her I love her by saying I love her.

Bye Diary

(At this point I must have favored cursive as printed sentiment was crossed out a replaced with a most epic script)

January 15, 1999

Dear Diary,

One thing I helped someone and I’m proud of happened last night. My sister was sick with a stomach ache and she was about to barf so my mom put her hand under her chin and Becca barfed. So I went and got a trash can.

Bye Diary

(I was a righteous hero, I tell you!)

Dear Nacho Dog,

I learned how to ride a bike when I was 5ive. My dad taught me how to ride. At first he taught me how to get on the bike, then petel, and then balance. And after every time he would always jump wheelys which was really fun to see.

Bye Diary

(Yes. I really wrote “five” like “5ive”. And over the last “d” in dad I drew a little halo.)

Dear Diary,

10 Things I Want To Do When I’m An Adult

#1 For my career I want to be a doctor.

#2 I want to be an archetect.

#3 I want to be an archioligist.

#4 I want to have a child.

#5 I want to go to COLLAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#6 I want to drive a car

#7 Cable TV

#8 Still play soccer

#9 Go to medical school

#10 Before I’m to old I want to meet Nick Carter from the BSB (Backstreet Boys)

Bye Diary!

(Well. I’m glad I had my priorities straight!)

Okay. So . . .

One, that was a tad embarrassing. But at least I didn’t get stuck in the couch like Kitty Meow did:


Two, I can’t wait to read 4th grader’s journals when I’m a teacher.

And three . . . did you keep a journal when you were young? Do share!

Next up: entires from 2002. I was 14. Buckle your seat belts.

these are a few of my favorite things // bea

There is nothing in this world I love so much as words. I love words. My room is overflowing with books…I can’t leave home without a book in my purse…I carry with me a notebook with a list of my favorite words…true story!

The way I see it, there are so many words worth knowing and my list acts as a reminder of the possibilities of speech.

Also, I love poetry. Poems are spectacular, really. I love how they are simple on the outside, but after reading them for awhile, you begin to discover the complexities of them. Isn’t that cool?

Here are some of my favorite poems, plus one of my own!

The Road Not Taken

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

two roads diverged in a wood, and I–

I took the one less traveled by,

and that has made all the difference.

-Robert Frost

This isn’t the entire poem. It’s  simply the part that means the most to me. This serves to remind me to live as a I go, and to listen to my internal GPS  (my heart!) because it will get me where I need to be in life.


Application For A Driving License

Two birds loved

in a flurry of red feathers

like a burst cottonball,

continuing while I drove over them.

I am a good driver, nothing shocks me.

– Michael Ondaatje


All Things Pass

All things pass

A sunrise does not last all morning

All things pass

A cloudburst does not last all day

All things pass

Nor a sunset all night

All things pass

What always changes?




These change

And if these do not last

Do man’s visions last?

Do man’s illusions?

Take things as they come

All things pass




Was it for this I uttered prayers,

And sobbed and cursed and kicked the stairs,

That now, domestic as a plate,

I should retire at half-past eight?

Edna St. Vincent Millay


A Minor Bird

I have wished a bird would fly away,

And not sing by my house all day;

Have clapped my hands at him from the door

When it seemed as if I could bear no more.

The fault must partly have been in me.

The bird was not to blame for his key.

And of course there must be something wrong

In wanting to silence any song.

Robert Frost


Decrepit Words Are Better Than Dusty Ones

Dear boy, you’ve got to know,

in rain or in snow

you should read- you must!

Or words, so neglected,

will turn into dust!

– yours truly

A few years back (I think I was 14) I wrote this poem (which I so cleverly named!)  with the hope that it would entice my little nephew to read more. I don’t think it helped.


If you’re looking to expand your library of poetry, I recommend Everyman’s Library Pocket Poets Series. You can find Robert Frost, Emily Bronte, W.H Auden, William Blake, Rudyard Kipling, and many, many more!

xo, bea

good things!

Some fabulous things have happened recently, and I absolutely wanted to share them with you!

Number One

Number Two

I started reading a fantastic book.

photo c/o

The author, Kelle, has a lovely blog, too!

Number Three

I recently achieved my personal best (10:42) for the mile!

Wes and I after last year’s Turkey Trot!

Number Four

I began registration for classes for my Teacher Certification. (Curious about that? Read this!) It started out as a fiasco and a half. I applied late, so when it came time to register many classes were full. Add that to the fact that my customized class sequence begins with a few classes that are pre-requisites for EVERYTHING . . . I was basically at a stand still, with one class scheduled for summer and one class scheduled for fall.

This caused quite the panic–so much so that I was in tears one night blubbering to Wes that “everyone else I know is already done with school or in graduate school or has a great job, and I’m going to be like FORTY FIVE when it’s a good time for us to have babies, and we’re going to live in this janky apartment forever and ever!”

Wise ole Wes assured me that everything would be okay and it would all work out.

And guess what? It did! New sections of classes were added as others filled up (I didn’t know big schools did that–I went to a tiny private school for undergrad!), my supervisor allowed some flexibility in my schedule at work, and some professors let me into classes that were already full!

Now, by the time Spring semester rolls around, I’ll have nearly 20 hours knocked out and I’ll be eligible for full acceptance to the program.


Good things happen every day! And it’s so important to recognize and celebrate that. What fabulous things have happened to you lately?

xo times a million, cat

made in the 80’s!

I think I might be falling in love with some trends from the 1980’s! When it comes to vintage I usually lean toward the crisp, lady like hemlines of the 1940’s and 1950’s. And I can’t get enough of mod hair styles and make up trends from the 1960’s! But during my last two thrifting shopping trips my eye has been drawn toward anything acid washed and denim, oversized sweaters, and huge earrings. While I think I’ll pass on the stirrups if I come across any, here’s what I’ve fallen in love with so far!

It all started with this denim vest. I have worn it AT LEAST once a week since I bought it. I wasn’t sure about it at first. In fact, except for the larger size, it was identical to an Esprit denim vest my mom used to dress me in when I was five. But, the vest fits great in all the right places. It will be around for a long time.

I about died when I found this skirt. I instantly fell in love with it and INSTANTLY knew it wouldn’t fit. True enough . . . my hips don’t lie! I am hoping beyond hope  it’s around next time Bea visits and that it fits her! I want to wear this with a tucked in t-shirt and Doc Martens.

When I went back to put away the denim and lace number, I came across this. It’s like absolutely nothing I have in my closet, but I’ve been on the look out for longer skirts and dresses! It’s rare that I find a longer dress or skirt that works. It’s the same with capri pants–they end up just looking like high waters!

Do you have any great 80’s inspired duds in your closet? Do share!

xoxo cat

mother’s day memories // part one

Oh how I wish I could spend this day with my mommy! I miss her ever so. Thankfully, we will be together again soon, because at the end of the month we’ll be road tripping it to Colorado to celebrate her mommy’s 90th birthday!

Today, I put together a little gift that I plan on giving her when I see her. This craft reminds me a lot of the humble trinkets my sister and I would present to our mom on this special day in years past. Growing up, it was just us Jones girls, so Bea and I rarely had someone to take us shopping for a surprise for mom. So, we got creative! One year, we made a doll out of gold pipe cleaners and bedecked her in a skirt of red fringe. Another year, we collected a handful of the prettiest rocks we could find on the playground during recess. We truly do love our mommy!

I set out to the flea markets to find a little something something that would inspire a craft. I came across the most adorable mini vase. So, I decided to whip up some homemade flowers with which to fill it!

What you need: wooden skewers or floral wire, some pretty buttons, hot glue, and a fun vase!

While my glue gun heated up, I cut my skewers to size. Kitchen scissors worked great for this!

Next, I paired up my buttons. Nestling a small button onto a larger one makes an adorable little flower!

Hot glue those babies together!

I paired the buttons with a skewer, taking the diameter of the buttons and height of the stems into consideration. Scale, scale, scale!

Hot glue a stem to the back of each flower.


I am just IN LOVE with BLUE right now! And it happens to be my mom’s favorite color, too. Orange + blue = complimentary colors!

Next up, Mother’s Day memories from Bea!

xoxo, catherine

what’s in my bag?

I absolutely love discovering what other ladies carry with them on a day-to-day basis: all of your must-haves, the items that you can’t leave the house without, and where you purchased those items.

(It’s a teensy bit nosy, I know.)

But I’m always wondering, “Is it terribly strange that I carry such and such with me?”.

And so, with that in mind, I’ve decided to dump out the contents of my bag and let you be the judge.

1. My fabulous green clutch that I snagged at a vintage store.

2. My favorite pen in the universe alongside my favorite on-the-go eye liner, Professional Khol Eye Liner by Jillian Dempsey, which I found online at

3. A tube of pink lipstick, Revlon’s Wink For Pink.

4. Paintbrushes. Yes. I carry paintbrushes in my purse. Why? To use as hair-sticks, of course.

5. A mini nail filer.

6. A tape measure. This is a recent addition to my bag. A tape measure is one of those items that I never have when I desperately need one!

7. My Jane Austen pen. Another favorite of mine and you can pick up one for yourself at the Jane Austen Gift Shop !

8. My heart-shaped sunnies from

9. A rather large tube of gum. It’s essential.

10. A pair of scissors. A bit like my tape measure: I always need scissors but never have any.

11. Bobbi pins are a must!

12. Smith’s Rosebud Salve.

13.Comfrey/Calendula/St. John’s Wort Salve from Rocky Top Soap Shop

14. Moisture Renew Lip Gloss by Rimmel London.

15. One tube of Burt’s Bees Pomegranate chap stick, and one tube of Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia.

16. My two notebooks. The smaller of the two is my Moleskeine which I use as a stetchbook and the other is what I use to jot down ideas for new blog posts!

16. A Luna Bar (Nutz Over Chocolate, please!) for when I feel peckish.

17. My cell phone and my MP3 player. They each have a permanent residence in my bag, unless I’ve lost my phone (which frequently occurs).

18. All-purpose Witch Hazel Cream. This is the best hand lotion I have ever used. It’s amazing!

And that’s all folks, Bea’s Bag in a Nutshell. As you can see, I’m a bit of a lip moisturizer hoarder. 7 different products? Seriously?!

What do you carry with you 24/7? Do tell!

xo, bea