instagram photo reel // spring

Is it fantastically warm where you are, dear readers? I’m having a wonderfully sunny, mellow day that I decided had to be shared in pictures!

I live in a house that is surrounded by country: big fields, long dirt roads, bugs, and the odd animal that shows up every now and then. Do you know what the best thing is about my location? The flowers! Oh my, the flowers. Some my mother planted ten years ago, others have been there since we’ve moved in and never fail to crop year after year.

There are peonies  (sadly, they haven’t bloomed yet.), lilies, and bushes of white flowers whose name has escaped me at the moment. Sometimes, even chamomile finds it’s way out of the ground. Nowadays, we have wild strawberries growing under the kitchen window.  At the height of summer, everything has reached its peak, and it makes for a beautiful sight.

these irises come every spring

do you know the name of these flowers?

love, my dog, couldn’t keep out of the photos!

no strawberries on this plant, however…

…look what I found! a lonesome strawberry, but he’ll soon have buddies.

Happy Spring!

love, bea


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