a peek into my apartment // a much needed closet makeover

I absolutely adore weekends that are spent {successfully} fulfilling a to-do list. This weekend, my goals included deep cleaning as much of the house as possible, spending some time at the salon (I had terrible split-ends), cooking a hoard of food for the week, and finally getting my closet organized. We have been in our new apartment for a about four months now, and the closet was ridiculously messy. A big pile of who-knows-what dominated one corner of the floor, while my clothes were haphazardly arranged on one side of the closet. Wes’ side wasn’t too bad, but you have to consider that he only owns like, three t-shirts and a pair of pants.

So, I dug deep and got in touch with my inner Carrie Bradshaw, and what you’ll find here is the before and after for my (for now) dream closet!



What I did . . .

Clothes off the floor! Organized by type: formal, winter wear, jackets & cardigans, dresses and blouses. Shoes are stacked in plastic totes up top!

Kitty has reign over our second bathroom so I used an extra set of shower hangers to hang belts and handbags!

All in a row! Belts, swimwear, scarves, and handbags. I tied bikini bottoms to the corresponding top before hanging–no more searching for your suit separates!

I wanted a boutique look for my closet, and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I used what I had–those vintage suitcases I snagged for $32 a while ago, and two Liberty of London boxes I already had. I placed two pairs of boots in the boxes and Wes’ rarely worn ties and business socks in the train case! I used our old coffee table to create more storage space.

Instead of just setting them on the floor, I anchored my rain boots on a cute Daher tray.

I stored small clutches and coin purses on the right and hats and tights on the left. A fun Topshop catalog hides all the bungle underneath! Winter accessories are stored in the small suitcases that sits to the right of this one.

Pillows and Blankies

Instead of storing extra blankets and sheets in a cardboard box, I pulled them out and displayed them! Theres about six blankets rolled and stacked, and I stored our extra pillows and sheets in a cute box, ready to go for when we have a house guest.

Extra hangers find a home in a Topshop shopping bag. Keeps my organizational necessities nearby while reminding me about my fun shopping excursion in downtown Chicago!

Wes’ side. I added some manly touches–like a vintage globe–to balance my sparkly and shiny accessories!

I really like this his/hers signs!

A pretty light fixture will tie it all together!

If spending a lot of money is holding you back from organizing a space in your house, don’t fret–get creative! Everything I used for this project I had somewhere else in the house, except for the shoe totes, which I bought at Target for a couple of bucks a piece. I even made the light fixture!

xoxo cat


2 thoughts on “a peek into my apartment // a much needed closet makeover

    1. candbjones

      Thanks so much! I love being organized, but after moving into a new apartment, finding new/reusing old storage solutions has been a real challenge. I’m glad you enjoyed the post!


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