best chai in town

I absolutely love chai tea. The first mug I ever had was at an Indian restaurant in Minneapolis. It was warm, silky and spicy and I haven’t found anything like it to date. Iced chai tea is my cafe drink of choice here in town, and I love the blend at Hebrews Coffee on Republic Road. It’s my favorite so far! There’s always some sugar and spice that settles at the bottom, making me think there might be some real spices that go into the drink. I don’t know for sure, but I know that it’s delish!

Wes said the mocha is quite tasty, too.

What’s your favorite cafe drink? I’m the type of person who often sticks to the things I know. I tend to get risky when I’m on trips and having fun–like when I tried that fateful cup of chai in Minnesota (I ate buffalo there too!)–but when it comes to the day to day grind, I always go for tried and trues. So give me some good recommendations so I can find a new tasty treat to fall in love with!

xoxo catherine


One thought on “best chai in town

  1. Carrie

    Big train chai… The only chai in my world! Like liquid pumpkin pie and fabulous hot or blended with ice. I order my mix online and save TONS on my chai habit. If u ever tried chai at Atlanta bread company, this is the brand they use 🙂 the best thing about it is that it doesn’t have that peppery kick like Starbucks or Tzao, just straight yum yum in my tum 💋


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