chicago love 2012 // the sights

1.// Chicago from the Skydeck in Willis (Sears) Tower. 2.// It was a little scary stepping out onto the ledge: it helped to look out instead of down! 3.// The husband and I strike a pose. 4.// We took a taxi to Millennium Park. So many beautiful flowers! 5.// The Bean! 6.// Between the park and the Field Museum, we stopped for some Italian Ice. Strawberry + lemon = delish. 7.// Red tongue! 8.// Sue, the largest and best preserved Tyrann0saurus Rex at the Field Museum. 9.// A beautiful shaul in a cultures of the world display. 10.// I love this pottery! It’s inspired a terra cotta painting project. 11.// Hotel for men only–I think the Blues Brothers stayed here.

Our last day in Chicago was spent seeing everything we could see. Our first stop was breakfast at Yolk where I had a delicious eggs benedict. A few blocks later, we found ourselves at Willis Tower where we took a trip up to the 103rd floor to see Chicago from way in the sky. It was an amazing sight to see! It was a little foggy so visibility was down, but it was still worth it. I didn’t come home with any souvenirs though–everything had Willis Tower emblazoned on it, of course, so I’m on the look out of a retro  Sears Tower mug!

Next, we took a cab to Millennium park to see The Bean. It made for some fun photos, and there were so many people milling about, happy to be in the city. On our way to the Field Museum, we snagged some Italian Ice and saw a Segway tour speed by. The Field Museum was my favorite stop of the day–but we only got through two displays! I would have loved to see the Opening the Vaults: Mummies and the Genghis Khan presentations–maybe next time. I know we’ll be back to the city!

Night included another trip to The Bad Apple and some fun with friends from the comic convention. The next day, we made it out of the city by about 9am, and made the long trip back to the ‘ol Springfield, Mo.

But not before we hit up the fabulous Pink Elephant antique store outside of East St. Louis!

1.//The actual pink elephant. 2.// This tea kettle was adorable! 3.// I love this blue scarf. I wish I had bought it now–it was only $3. 4.// Nerd alert: The Exciting World of Metrics lunchbox! 5.// The Tastee Treat! You can shop and get ice-cream!

We had a very good time in Chicago. I hope I get to go back soon–in fact, I might start planning a trip with my friend Molly to hit up the Randolph Street Market! Thanks for following along with us–I hope you enjoyed the photos!


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