chicago love 2012 // part deux

1.// Broadway Antique Market in Chicago. I actually spent most of my time shopping at Edgewater Antique Mall. Both were fun! 2.// I am searching for affordable vintage globes so I can add some masculine decor around the house. 3.// I nearly bought these shoes, but my feet were so blistery I couldn’t tell if they’d be comfortable or not! 4.// I love collections of things contained in pretty holders. Can anyone come up with a project for all of those old radio/tv dials? 5.// I would have loved to have brought home this owl vase, but it was too pricey! 6.// Geek moment: the Biology major in me went gonzo over this mitosis instructable! 7.// Two fab hand bags I almost came home with. But I couldn’t decide which, so I said neither! 8.//So. Many. Outfit. Possibilities. 9.// After shopping, we had dinner at The Bad Apple. 10.// I had The Frenchie. 11.// Wes had the Red Dragon. Yum!

Wes and I spent Day 2 in Chicago apart, he at the convention and myself shopping the Chicago vintage & antique scene. It was a little challenging to do the driving in such a large place, and the Saturday traffic was pretty thick. Overall, let’s just say thank goodness for Google and the iPhone! Anytime I had any trouble I just whipped it out and typed my question, like “paying for parking in Chicago”. Saved me a lot of fumbling at the meter trying to figure out if it was a quarter only situation and such.

I found some fabulous glassware, a Lucite tray, and a vintage wrap dress. The dress requires a tad bit of repair, so maybe a tutorial is in the future!

Next, we headed downtown so I could venture into Topshop and Urban Outfitters. Before we knew it, we were starving. Wes suggested we eat at The Bad Apple, a bar in northern Chicago. If you are ever in the area, I definitely recommend The Frenchie–brie, spinach, and truffle mayonnaise made for a fabulous burger! We returned for a second time the next night, and while Wes got adventurous and tried a new burger, I had The Frenchie again. It was so delicious, I actually left fries on the plate–both times!

Chicago sights to come!

xoxo Cat


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