1950’s style: dirndl skirts

Traditionally, a dirndl is a type of dress worn by women in places like Germany and Austria. If I described a traditional dirndl, you’d probably imagine a beer maid costume you might see around Halloween, or the garb worn by our favorite governess in The Sound of Music.

One thing I love about fashion is how much a certain style can influence a trend for many years to come. You can see the traditional dirndl in the classic full skirt paired with a crisp button down white shirt of the 1950’s! Nancy Drew probably wore a similar style. Elizabeth Taylor, too. And this style of dress is still worn today although such skirts have definitely taken a backseat to mini’s and maxi dresses and skinny jeans and pajama bottoms…

Dirndl Skirts of Old

photo c/o of  lilithezine.com

photo c/o of  lilithezine.com

Dirndl Skirts for the Modern Gal

photo c/o edithcherry.blogspot.com

photo c/o wkdesigner.wordpress.com

photo c/o of Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing.

Make the cute gingham skirt above with these instructions!

Or, you could snag this one over at OmniaVTG’s Etsy store!

photo c/o omnitavtg.esty.com

love, bea


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