these are a few of my favorite things: chicago edition

We have had a very, very long day here in Chicago! To honor our epic all-night-drive-a-thon, here are some of my favorite road trip snaps:

Rarin' to go! Photo courtesy of husband of awesomeness.

I'm awake...I promise! Wes was very skeptical about handing the wheel back over just outside of Springfield (Illinois, not Missouri!)

Finally found 'em...Devil's Food Donettes!

"What's the name of the prison in the Blues Brothers?" It's Joliet!


Breakfast at 7am at White Palace Grill. Check it out!

And the Top 3 things I learned today:

1. 40 blocks is far too long of a walk if you are wearing impractical shoes. i.e.: anything but tennis shoes!

2. 40 blocks outside of the downtown area means there are no cabs to take you back.

3. People really stick it out there and go when it comes to driving here in Chicago. Be aggressive, be be aggressive!


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