fancy knives need a fancy knife rack DIY

Wes and I recently moved to a new apartment with a super tiny kitchen. Our previous apartment had a kitchen replete with storage space–we even had a built in pantry that was so tall I couldn’t reach the top and so deep I couldn’t see the back! Our new kitchen has four drawers and four cabinets. And we arrived with a lot of Newlywed kitchen goodies that we no longer have space for!

So, as you can imagine, I try to find creative storage solutions that are also fun and pretty. Thus, I give you our fancy new magnetic knife rack!

*Note: If you are a parent of young children, owner of rambunctious, curious pets, etc., please use your discretion with this project. Having knives magnetized to the side of the fridge  could pose a danger to young children/elderly people/curious cats. Please use your own judgement, and know that is not responsible for any mishaps!

1. Find a piece of steel at your local hardware store that is large enough to hold your knife set (word to the wise: aluminum is not magnetic!)

2. Line one side of the steel with magnetic strips.

3. Select a pretty printed piece of fabric–make sure it’s big enough to fold over the sides to be secured on the back!

5. Using ceramic magnets, begin affixing the material to the back. These magnets will also be what hold your mechanism to the fridge, so they must be ceramic (i.e.: supah-strong!)

4. Make nice, neat folds when securing the corners.

6. Magnet to the fridge

7. Adorn with some cute buttons that have magnets glued to the back…

8. And add your knives!

I wish I could tell you how much this project cost, but we ran the gamut with magnets, as far as supplies go. At first, I tried to use magnetic strips on both sides, but it wasn’t nearly strong enough. So then Wes said he would get what we needed but ended up with something else (hey, the price was right). Finally we sucked it up and made our third magnet purchase (ceramic) and used them in combination with the strips. So we spent a ton of scratch on this project (probably like $35 to $40 dollars!). But for the materials we actually used, I’d say the project totals about $20.

Anyway, it’s in the ballpark of what these cost, and yet so so so so so so (a million times so!) much cuter . . .

Hopefully this helps you solve an itsie bitsie kitschy kitchen problem0!

xoxo cat


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