confessions of an over-packer

I don’t know about you ladies (and gents!) out there, but I am not a light traveler. I’ve been this way for as long as I’ve been old enough to dress myself.  I remember packing multitudes of pajama separates for sleep-overs that took place right across the street from my own house!

Fast forward to my twenties and I’m still a chronic over-packer. But my philosophy is that I just can’t predict A. the weather, B. my mood, and C. how much pizza I’ll be eating in Chicago.

Wait, what?! Did I just say Chicago?

Yes, yes I did!

Wes and I are leaving for the Windy City tomorrow night! I am so excited. I have never really spent a lot of time in a Big City before. Be prepared for a multi-part recap in the next few days!

Anyway, since I fully intend on taking the Chicago vintage/antique scene by storm, I’ve decided to try super super super hard and only pack what I need.

Surely, the key to light packing is versatility. To combat any weather surprises, I’m taking both a denim vest and a long sleeve motor cycle jacket. To make sure I have clothes that will fit my mood, I chose my “go to” pieces: clothes that aren’t tricky/complicated/only-to-be-worn-on-a-skinny-day. And since we’ll be doing a lot of gallivanting around on le feet, I made sure to have my comfiest pair of flats. To save on space, I’ve decided to take small accessories like my single favorite necklace (that goes with EVERYTHING!) and two of my favorite belts that pack a lot of colorpunch, in lieu of bulky hats or scarves.

The highlights: (unmentionables not included! teehee.)

a. a fun purple clutch in case we go somewhere “nice”. b. my most favorite necklace. c. one pair of sunnies. (I will admit. I had three hanging there. Totally unnecessary!) d. two belts that can be worn with any outfit combination I can devise. Maybe I’ll wear both at the same time! e. an over the shoulder bag . . . are there pickpockets in Chicago, mom? f. three timeless blouses. g. my favorite flats that I’ll wear with my skinny jeans. h. two pairs of skinny jeans that go with every top/shoe/jacket–no reason to take a pair for each day! i. flat sandals to go with my short dress. j. platforms to go with my long dress (I’m only 5′ tall!). k. two bold patterned dresses that don’t call for a lot of accessorizing! l. my denim vest for toasty weather and my motorcycle jacket for breezy weather.

Check back soon to see my new suit cases on their bon voyage and all of my outfits in action. Oh, and for glimpses of the Windy City!

xoxo cat


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