care package 101


One of my good friends Corrie (thats her one the left, and yep! we are standing in a toilet . . .) is in nursing school right now, and with finals week coming up, I thought I’d surprise her with a splendid care package! To me, there is just nothing better than getting a nice surprise via the old snail mail, especially if you’ve been experiencing school-related stress.

I’ve had a lot of practice with these care package things–both sending and receiving. When my then-boyfriend-now-husband went away to college, I pledged to send him a sweet treat in the mail once a month for the first year. The most memorable? The Brownie Puzzle, where I baked a 9×9 pan of double fudge brownies and spelled “I love you” with M&M’s. Then I cut them into squares, scrambled the message, and popped them into a pretty package.

My mom definitely takes the cake for the All-Time Most Creative Care Package Sender, though. Here’s a picture of my Easter treat last year:

How cute is that? I was so surprised that it made it through USPS!

A care package can be as complicated creative as sending a plastic egg through the mail, or as simple as a quick hand written note. All that matters is that it brings a smile to someone’s face! And I think the best way to do that is to add some personal touches.

Here’s what I gathered for Corrie’s–just some fun wrapping paper and some magazine pages, a box I had laying around, plus some sparkly rhinestones for confetti!

I decided to send a Glamour mag, some pink pink pink nail polish, and some herbal tea for brain power.

All together now! I also included wedding photos I meant to send FOREVER ago!

Add a sweet note . . .

Wrap it up, making sure all of the paper folds are covered by tape…and address, of course!

xoxo cat


One thought on “care package 101

  1. Carrie

    Holy crap! The Easter egg has me laughing to tears!!!!!! It’s so amazing just how much that one picture makes my soul feel…. Ya know, like Ah! Ha! My auntie sus is really the reason I am who I am and that big ass pink egg is exactly why I love her! Think of just how many smiles she created along the eggs journey 😂


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