our favorite sisters

it is so fabulous being a sister. okay. so it wasn’t always fabulous. we’ve had some doozies as far as fights go. but the older we get the more we realize how much we have in common and how we we’re destined to be the bestest of friends–forever!

in honor of our sisterhood, we give you our favorite sisters of all time!

real life sisters:

kate and pippa

wow. we thought we would never get over our obsession with this pair! oh. wait. we haven’t! they’ve become our fashion icons and we love how they just look like they really, really love being sisters.

mary-kate and ashley

we grew up with these girls! we can’t count how many hours of The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley we watched, and we attribute our later obsession with becoming international spies to the series.

the pointer sisters

(’nuff said!)

emily and zooey deschanel

these sisters are absolutely darling. what we love about Emily and Zooey is that they project to the world that they are sisters in every sense of the word: you can be sure that they share clothes, shoes, hair pretties, heartaches and advice!

fictional sisters:

annie and hallie

what a fun story–wouldn’t you love to go to camp and find a long lost sister? when The Parent Trap came out on VHS, we wanted to rent the classic version so we could compare and contrast, but we never did. future sister night, I say!

jane and elizabeth bennet

can there be a superior sister duo in fiction? we think not. they love each other, stand up for each other, and Elizabeth even casts aside potential lovers because of how Jane suffers. you really can’t mess with sisters.

meg, jo, beth & amy

Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy are as different as can be, but what makes them so wonderful is that these girls are in every sister that will ever live. we can identify with each of the March girls in our feelings as sisters: a mixture of extremes with an undeniable togetherness that can’t be found anywhere or in anyone else!

coulda been sisters:

lucy and ethel

that classic scene in the chocolate factory . . . sisters are always up to shenanigans!

teeny, samantha, chrissy, and roberta

we’ll never forget the first time we watched Now and Then. or the millionth, and that’s about how many times we watched it growing up! this group of girls was there for each other through everything: first loves, divorces, babies . . . we couldn’t imagine going through any of these things without each other!

xoxo, c & b


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